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“Working with [a disabled] student really challenged me… I learned to be more flexible, and to focus on the possibilities rather than the limitations.” – Anna Mendoza, Australia

Anna Mendoza
Teacher and English Domain Leader, E-pedagogy
Gleneagles Secondary College
Victoria, Australia

As students spend more time watching videos, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Anna Mendoza is worried that student attitudes about reading have become increasingly negative.

“Whilst I appreciate a multi-modal approach,” she says, “this is having a huge impact on their literacy skills and ability to accurately comprehend and infer information from text.”

To combat the problem, Mendoza is working hard to embed reading into her school’s classrooms daily, and is using testing data to target the gaps they present with.… Visit the author's original post

Struggling 1st grade readers improve with the help of OneNote Learning Tools

I teach first grade. But even if I taught 6th grade or high school, if a child struggles with comprehension and fluency, chances are that the student cannot recognize basic sight words. Just think about this for a moment. If a child cannot read the high frequency words (for example, Fry words or Dolch words), how can he or she remember what the sentence is saying while they struggle through each and every word in that sentence? After seeing OneNote Learning Tools at the US Forum in Denver, CO, I began dreaming of using Immersive Reader to help my struggling students with reading.… Visit the author's original post