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Under the Sway of literature

Under the Sway of literature

Sharing creativity with 3rdgraders
"I soon found myself surrounded by a swarm of kids buzzing happily and eagerly awaiting to read their stories to their peers."
Can literature, children’s creativity and technology mix together in a fine blend? Since
technology became an integral part of our daily teaching practice, I’ve often seen parents expressing concern that their kids will put aside reading books for the sake of their tablets. Yet, these two can complement each other.Visit the author's original post

Boosting PBL with the aid of technology

Boosting PBL with the aid of technology
Project Based Learning (em)powered by technology!

Feeling your Project Based Learning approach is stuck in stagnant waters? Making use of learning technology can give a boost to the projects assigned in class and motivate learners.

Why use technology?
No matter how much most of us dread technology and despite the horror stories we often hear, technology can:

 1.Motivate learners
Technology is part and parcel of their daily routine and the majority of them feel confident using it.
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