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Paper and pencil. Evolved! – What do young learners think of digital inking?

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The importance of handwriting in a digital first world is not to be underestimated. As computers, tablets and mobile devices fill our worktops, tables and pockets, the natural inclination is to converse and notate using a keyboard or swiping a touchscreen display.

However, when it comes to teaching and learning the pen and paper have been critical tools since the dawn of formalised education systems. While the introduction of computers into the classroom certainly breaks down barriers in terms of access to information, sharing thoughts and ideas and collaboration between teachers and students, there is still a struggling to balance between the digital and analogue curriculum, and teaching materials.… Visit the author's original post

Gerald Haigh explores the research into the learning effects of Typing vs. Handwriting

The following is a guest post written by Gerald Haigh.


Typing or Handwriting?


The efficiency of the inking facility now available on Surface, with the brilliant Surface pen, is provoking a revival of the old debate about the relative merits of handwriting and typing. Recent Microsoft research brings sound evidence into the issue, questioning some long-held assumptions.

Recently, I sat chatting to my grandson, George, who has just successfully completed the first year of his IT degree course at Coventry University.… Visit the author's original post

Advancing the tablet beyond an e-reader ; a forethought or an afterthought?

Much of the initial argument to introduce 1-to-1 devices in schools hinged on the weight of schoolbags however now management and teachers are tasked with advancing these devices beyond e-readers. Often here lies a bone of contention; devices were opted for without proper consideration, training, and planning towards their role in terms of e-learning, digital creativity and a new curriculum. Scaling this down to just my own experience in my own classroom I can easily relate to the current predicament many schools who have gone down or are considering the tablet route find themselves in.… Visit the author's original post