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Getting Started with Microsoft Teams – Guides for IT Admins, Teachers and School Leaders

With Office 365 for Education, now with Microsoft Teams, you can now redefine what a classroom means for your teachers and students by bringing in resources from around the world, providing them anytime, anywhere access to learning and giving them the skills they will need for their future. We're pleased to share three Getting Started guides for Microsoft Teams, created specifically for educators, IT admins, or school leaders.… Visit the author's original post

Windows 10 Upgrade Guide for Schools

The summer is a fantastic time for education IT administrators to make school or college-wide updates to devices, systems and infrastructure. For those schools, colleges and universities that are yet to upgrade to Windows 10, the next few months provide an perfect opportunity to deploy and discover all of the fantastic new features in our latest operating system, in preparation for the new academic year beginning in September.

Below is a simple hands-on guide for everyone looking to upgrade their school to Windows 10, and takes you through the whole process, including:

  • Assembling your upgrade toolkit
  • Getting the upgrade started
  • Finishing the upgrade
  • Upgrade complete–what comes next?
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