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Microsoft and the Department for Education agree new Education Cloud Transition Agreement for UK schools

Microsoft and the DfE have entered into an Education Cloud Transition Agreement enabling existing school customers who have Subscription Agreements (EES, OVS-ES, School Agreements) to transition under special terms to a new agreement, upon expiry of their existing one.

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Prime Minister David Cameron visits Microsoft Global Showcase School Sandymoor

With less than two weeks to go until polling stations all over the United Kingdom open their doors to voters in what is being described as the most tightly run election in a generation, incumbent MPs and those looking to oust them from their seats are hitting the campaign trail in a final push to win every vote that they can. For the people of Runcorn this week, this meant a visit from Prime Minister David Cameron as he turned out to support fellow Conservative Party member and local MP for Weaver Vales, Graham Evans.… Visit the author's original post