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Tech Advice A Click Away

This post first appeared in the September 2016 edition of the College’s Regulus Magazine Three computer whiz kids in Year 8 are acting as technology mentors for the entire Preparatory School student body, and even quite a few teachers. Caleb, Cameron and … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

4 Steps to make your profile pic look really professional

When I first added logos to my profile picture, I just simply did it in Preview on a mac. It was effortless. Once people saw my profile sporting my nifty badges to show off my accomplishments, everyone wanted to know how to do this and I wanted to help. Here how it’s done through Paint. Yes, lowly little Paint.
Step 1:  Open your photo in the program.

Step 2: Open your logo in another window and “Select All” and then choose “Copy.”

Step 3: Go back to your photo and “Paste” the logo.
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Cracking the Code…Again?

Circa this time last year I blogged about Cracking the Code, a post highlighting the ever growing popularity of coding activities in Ireland and it would appear that this growth has continued in spades, the number of Coder Dojo clubs for instance this time last year was 77 that number’s now in excess of 200. However as previously mooted much of the publicity around coding tends to be focused on after school activities  however there are many schools nationwide doing pioneering work in this space also.… Visit the author's original post