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Register for the Global Education #Skypeathon – November 29th & 30th


Next month sees the return of the hugely popular Skype-a-thon! Last year, teachers and students from all around the world covered over 3 million ‘virtual miles’ during the 48 hour global event, and this year we’re hoping to beat that record!

There are a number of ways in which you and you students can take part in the Global Education Skype-a-thon on November 29th and 30th, with thousands of activities available through the Microsoft Educator Community and Skype in the Classroom.Visit the author's original post

Our Epic Nonfiction Picture Book Project Take 2

For the past few years, my students have written nonfiction picture books for younger audiences around the world.  Last year, I decided to share the lesson plan to serve as inspiration for those who wanted it, and this year I thought I would do the same.  While the foundation is the same, the process has been tweaked a bit for a more meaningful experience for the students.

The goal of the project is rather simple; create a 15 to 25 slide/page nonfiction picture book meant for a 2nd or 3rd grade audience on anything you wish to write about.  … Visit the author's original post

Cracking the Code…Again?

Circa this time last year I blogged about Cracking the Code, a post highlighting the ever growing popularity of coding activities in Ireland and it would appear that this growth has continued in spades, the number of Coder Dojo clubs for instance this time last year was 77 that number’s now in excess of 200. However as previously mooted much of the publicity around coding tends to be focused on after school activities  however there are many schools nationwide doing pioneering work in this space also.… Visit the author's original post

A Few Ideas for Using Skype in the Classroom

There are technology tools that come along and make your day easier, that make your day better.  There are technology tools that integrate themselves so seamlessly into your lessons that you soon forget what life was like before.  There are tools that you know you can rely on whenever you need them.  And then there are tools that encompass all that and oh so much more.  Tools that elevate your teaching ideas to places you never thought they could have gone.  … Visit the author's original post