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TES Education Hub: Top down to bottom up – How information systems have evolved in schools, by Gerald Haigh

The following post features on our new educational hub, hosted by TES, packed with tips and resources designed to improve your school processes. Weve pulled together the opinions and expertise of senior leaders on how technology can both inform and transform school processes to facilitate the difficult business of school management.


Top down to bottom up: how information systems have evolved in schools

by Gerald Haigh
At the heart of a school’s administration is what’s usually called “the MIS” (management information system).
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TES Education Hub – Smart working for school leaders: how to digitally transform your school processes

In partnership with TES we have recently launched a new educational hub, packed with tips and resources designed to improve your school processes. TES is an organisation dedicated to supporting the world’s teachers, with a mission to enable great teaching by helping educators to find the tools and technology they need to excel and by supporting them throughout their career and professional development. They are home to the worlds largest online community of teachers, with 7.9 million registered users.Visit the author's original post

Guest post: Gerald Haigh on saving money with technology at schools

The following is a guest post written by Gerald Haigh.

A blog from Sammamish High School, near Seattle, posted by the Microsoft OneNote Team, includes this quite dramatic line,

‘On the second day of school we distributed laptops with digital ink capacity to all of our students. Within a few weeks we cancelled all orders of paper for the copy machines.’

My first thought, perhaps yours too, was, ‘That’ll save a few bob!’ (OK, bucks, but you get the point.)

Obviously the leaders at Sammanish were not exclusively motivated by money – the title of the blog is ‘Six Months of OneNote Class Notebooks’ – and it describes a boldly innovative cultural change of classroom environment.… Visit the author's original post

Diversions and Distractions – Gerald Haigh’s thoughts on conversation through technology

The following post is written by Gerald Haigh, and explores the resistance to change that can be evident when there is a paradigm shift in the way we communicate with one another. Obviously this has clear parallels in the classroom, where the best method for presenting and communicating new information to and between students is hotly debated – particularly the role that technology can play. Over to Gerald…

The return to UK television of the drama/comedy ‘Cold Feet’ was preceded by the opportunity, eagerly seized in this household, to see again the original version, which ran for 32 episodes between November 1998 and March 2003.… Visit the author's original post

Thoughts on pigeons and computational thinking – by Gerald Haigh

In the following post Gerald Haigh considers computational thinking from a rather unusual standpoint, but in doing so illustrates that this is a truly universally applicable skill, and not just one that will benefit coders.

Earlier this summer I tried in vain to find a way of connecting a hose to a tap in the bathroom so that we could lean out of the window and direct a jet of water at an otherwise inaccessible pigeons’ public toilet.  Yes, there are many devices for making such a connection; I know this because I tried them all, to no avail.… Visit the author's original post

Windows 10 at Arnhem Wharf Primary School

We’ve been hearing about what must have a good claim to be the earliest whole-school adoption of Windows 10 in the country, if not in the world. The installation – at the 700 pupil Arnhem Wharf Primary in Tower Hamlets– began on 3 August this year, five days after the Windows 10 global release.

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Tablets in action at Hardenhuish School

The following is a guest post from Gerald Haigh, looking at the way schools can learn from each other when it comes to deploying tablets. As he explores below, while the scale of a rollout may dictate the types of devices that a school opts for, when using Windows tablets the underpinning platform of Office 365 is available to all and allows for a consistent working experience to be enjoyed by all members of staff and students.


Linx 8There’s little doubt that the arrival of inexpensive Windows tablets (Dell, HP, Linx, Toshiba, for example) is giving schools – especially those needing to update or replace their existing computers - the freedom to think differently about their technology infrastructure.… Visit the author's original post

Gerald Haigh explores the research into the learning effects of Typing vs. Handwriting

The following is a guest post written by Gerald Haigh.


Typing or Handwriting?


The efficiency of the inking facility now available on Surface, with the brilliant Surface pen, is provoking a revival of the old debate about the relative merits of handwriting and typing. Recent Microsoft research brings sound evidence into the issue, questioning some long-held assumptions.

Recently, I sat chatting to my grandson, George, who has just successfully completed the first year of his IT degree course at Coventry University.… Visit the author's original post