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Connecting students to science and fun – Tom Gamble, USA

Tom Gamble
Middle School Math and Science Teacher
Omaha Virtual School
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

“One of my favorite activities is having students model elements, compounds, and mixtures in Minecraft aligned with my eighth-grade standards in Physical Science. Students were excited to model their products using the components within Minecraft. They created an “arena” to put their items, used signs to describe them, and photographed them to export to their exit tickets for the day as their evidence. Whether they turned iron ore into iron, or sand into glass, they found multiple models to show their understanding.… Visit the author's original post

Top three tips for using Minecraft to spark critical thinking in your classroom

Guest post by Aaron Maurer, who is an Instructional Coach, shares how Minecraft, a game recognized by millions around the world, helps students think critically, collaborate, and communicate. Read tips on how teachers can use Minecraft in the classroom to help students build the all-important 21st century skills.

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Guest blog post by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer: Skype Translator Facilitates Global Communication for Students Who Speak Different Languages

Skype Translator breaks down communication barriers by delivering voice and instant messaging translation between languages. Schools are already excited about this new app with all the possibilities it presents. Think of how education will benefit from real-time language translation with Skype Translator.

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Guest Post by Michael Braun, Instructional Coach for Technology in Public Schools: Improving Technology Education and Literacy in Schools

Over the last 5 years, thousands of volunteers from the tech industry have brought their technical knowledge and real-world experiences directly to students in more than 130 schools across the US. Read how computer science teacher Michael Braun brought learning to life as part of the Microsoft Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program, a non-profit being incubated as part of Microsoft YouthSpark. 

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