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Pour aller plus loin en anglais…

Bonjour à tous,

Mes sites préférés pour continuer de travailler son anglais quand on a un niveau B2+ ou C1 (niveau avancé) :

1. Khan Academy qui propose des vidéos dans de nombreux domaines

2. Ted talks pour apprendre avec des gens passionnés !

3. Site d'ebooks du domaine public.

et un article qui propose 40 sites pour apprendre quelque chose tous les jours ;)

N'hésitez pas à commenter et partager vos sites préférés !

Excellente journée !

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Sélection de 4 sites pour se (re)mettre à l’anglais en douceur !

Bonjour à tous,

Une très petite liste subjective bien sûr mais testée ;)

1. Newsy (vidéos / actualités)

2. Quizlet (pour jouer avec la langue et créer ses propres tests)

3.USA learns (cours du niveau A2 au niveau B2)

4. Et pour lire un peu en français ou en anglais tous les jours : les applications de Sarah Sauquet
Un texte un jour
A text a day
Un Poème Un Jour

Si vous souhaitez plus de sites n'hésitez pas à consulter cet article ou à étudier la bibliographie complète de mon ouvrage, L'élève au cœur de sa réussite.… Visit the author's original post


Ne pouvant pas me rendre à EdYOufest, Madeleine Zapata-Boxberger a gentiment proposé de présenter quelques uns de mes projets. Voici le diaporama qu'elle utilisera en avant-première :)

SAMR model unleashed on Shakespeare text

Guest post by Clint Bullock. Clint is an English teachers at Gilroy Santa Maria College in Townsville, Queensland.

We hear a lot about the SAMR model, which analyses how you actually use technology. At Gilroy Santa Maria College near Townsville, we’ve started using Office Mix, to turn PowerPoint presentations into highly interactive learning tools. Without realising it, we’ve positioned ourselves at the advanced end of that model: using Mix to ‘Modify’ how we teach, and then ‘Redefine’ what’s possible. This has transformed how I teach complex English texts.… Visit the author's original post

#TheFeed – Empowering Teachers with OneNote at Microsoft School Acklam Grange, by Jon Tait

The following post features in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of #TheFeed, our online magazine bringing you the best stories from Microsoft Showcase Schools and #MIEExperts, thought leadership, and news from the Microsoft in Education team. This piece is written by Jon Tait, Deputy Head Teacher at Microsoft School Acklam Grange, and looks at how the practice of flipped learning has been applied to leadership meetings in combination with Surface devices and OneNote to enable more productive and cost effective uses of time.Visit the author's original post

Slides I will use for the May 30 webinar with CYANE, French author. (French version of the May 2 webinar)

How can you attend the webinar?
Lien d'accès:
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9ème Forum des Enseignants Innovants : Article du Café Pédagogique (Projets littéraires)

Bonjour à tous,
Voici le dernier article du Café Pédagogique sur les projets littéraires de la section internationale américaine du Lycée Nelson Mandela :)
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"9ème Forun des Enseignants Innovants": the American OIB project has been selected!

Congratulations to the American OIB students!

Their literature project has been selected as one of the most innovative projects in France! You can read it here (in French).

I will represent them on Friday 26 and Saturday 27, November 2016.

This article explains what this forum is about.

New guest writer! Eric Price will be my students’ next guest speaker!

It is a great honor to share this post with you! Thank you Eric for being such a wonderful person!

My interest in writing books developed around the same time I developed an interest in reading them. As a child, few things interested me less than reading. But around the time I started 7th grade, a few unrelated events happened to change my mind and to begin shaping me into the person I am today.
First, one of my friends started reading Stephen King books.… Visit the author's original post

New Guest Writer! Erin Rhew, author of The Fulfillment series

Before being interviewed by my students on Skype, Erin Rhew has just shared her huest writer's post!
Thank you so much Erin!
Here is her website.

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Marie!!

Things I Didn’t Know About Being A Writer

I think most new writers start out a bit naïve about the process. When you look around, books just seem to sell. A big named author releases a new novel, and BOOM, it’s a bestseller. No one ever mentions all the behind-the-scenes mayhem that contributes to that bestseller or how many rejections that person received before he or she hit it big.… Visit the author's original post

OIB parents’ meeting slides

If you would like to learn more about the international section projects for this school year, feel free to read this post!


And if you teach and would like to start a project with us, feel free to comment on the post!

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Kai Strand: Guest Writer…. and first Guest Speaker in the 10th grade Skype interview project!

I am honored to welcome Kai on my Blog!
She will be the first guest speaker and author to discuss her work with my students on October 13, 2016, at Lycée International Nelson Mandela, Nantes, France.
Here are the Project Padlet and the presentation slides I will use to study the excerpt from her novella.

Her post:
Hello! My name is Kai Strand. I write fiction for kids and teens. The main reason I choose to write for a younger audience is because they tend to be such passionate readers.… Visit the author's original post

STEM Learning Brought to Life


The idea of flipped learning has been around for almost 10 years, however the skills and technology challenges were always too great to make it a practical proposition for most schools. But this is no longer the case! Today, teachers all around the world are using tools like Office Mix to deliver flipped learning as part of a STEM approach.

Flipped + STEM = Too Hard

In theory, the flipped approach is a great way to facilitate STEM learning. If a student can absorb the vital facts of a topic via digital content outside the classroom, then teaching time becomes much more powerful.… Visit the author's original post

VIC school moves entire PD program and curriculum to OneNote Class Notebook

Moving your curriculum to OneNote Class Notebook is one thing but seeing the results in the classroom is quite another. At St Helena Secondary College in Melbourne, our ICT faculty had a strategy: instead of educating teachers in all the features of Class Notebook, we simply moved our professional development program onto it — after 12 months, the results were dramatic!

The challenge: Too much time spent creating Notebooks

Four years ago, we took a leap at St Helena and became one of the first schools in Melbourne, Victoria to transfer our entire curriculum onto OneNote.… Visit the author's original post

Junior Years – Building Skills and Habits for Success

Guest Post by Matthew Jorgensen, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador Queensland


Technology is often hard to implement in Primary Years. The touch screen, drag and drop device wave has catered for technology integration in our young students, but they need to be able to use a more productive ecosystem of hardware, operating systems and apps as their work gets more sophisticated. There is evidence that a reliance on easy-to-use touch screen devices, as opposed to those with keyboards, can be detrimental to a child’s development.… Visit the author's original post

Article : enseigner la littérature autrement avec les TICE

Bonjour à tous !
N'hésitez pas à consulter le dernier article que j'ai écrit pour Hatier, Place Des Langues, ici.
Envoyez moi un feedback et commentez afin de progresser ensemble !
Vous pouvez également ajouter vos idées de tâches interactives et TICE pour proposer une liste collaborative ici.

Vous pouvez également effectuer une recherche sur ce blog car j'ai posté beaucoup de diaporamas accompagnant des séminaires en ligne sur la littérature et les TICE.

Par exemple, celui-ci :

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2016 Paper Planes Creative Writing Competition

One American OIB student has won a creative writing prize, the second Paper Planes Poetry prize! Congratulations Charlotte!!!!!!
I am very proud of you!
Here is her poem:

Devour the pages

Fly through the words
Such as the most graceful of birds
Devour the pages
Pursuing the path of all sages
Immerse in a different universe
Beware, it can be diverse
From utopian to perverse
Dispel any type of limit
The spectacle of a race of dreams
Glorious and wild like the fiercest of
streams Convoluted schemes, reaching the extremes
Following a fluke, they split!… Visit the author's original post

10 razones para elegir Sway como herramienta de creación de contenido en el aula

La innovación en el ámbito educativo no se puede limitar a introducir las TIC para que el alumnado utilice alguna presentación digital creada por un profesor. Si queremos ir un paso más allá, debemos dejar de favorecer el aprendizaje pasivo. El alumno tiene que dejar de ser copiloto, para ser el conductor y coger las riendas de su aprendizaje.

Tradicionalmente, cuando un alumno no sabía algo, preguntaba a sus padres y/o maestros. Sin embargo, actualmente les resulta mucho más rápido y fácil echar mano de su teléfono móvil y buscar en internet.… Visit the author's original post