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SAMR model unleashed on Shakespeare text

Guest post by Clint Bullock. Clint is an English teachers at Gilroy Santa Maria College in Townsville, Queensland.

We hear a lot about the SAMR model, which analyses how you actually use technology. At Gilroy Santa Maria College near Townsville, we’ve started using Office Mix, to turn PowerPoint presentations into highly interactive learning tools. Without realising it, we’ve positioned ourselves at the advanced end of that model: using Mix to ‘Modify’ how we teach, and then ‘Redefine’ what’s possible. This has transformed how I teach complex English texts.… Visit the author's original post

Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix – Part 2

In Part 1 of Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix, we explained how Office Mix allows teachers of all abilities deliver interactive learning artefacts that students can watch away from the classroom, so that the contact time is spent supporting students in the application of knowledge or creation process. Flipping the classroom or flipped learning, using Office Mix, is a process that we can all do because it is so easy and very familiar. Office Mix is a PowerPoint add-in, and you can convert your existing PowerPoint decks by adding multimedia and interactive apps.… Visit the author's original post