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Outils essentiels pour enseigner (sélection personnelle)

Article du Café Pédagogique : ma sélection d'outils indispensables (pour mes cours) :)

Et vous ????? Quels sont vos outils préférés ? ceux sans lesquels vous auriez du mal à faire cours ?
Des outils à ajouter à ma sélection ? J'ai hâte de découvrir vos trouvailles !

Excellente journée !… Visit the author's original post

Webinaires gratuits en 2018. Inscriptions ouvertes !!!

Bonjour à tous !

Excellente nouvelle ! Jurgen Wagner propose de nouveaux webinaires pour amoureux des langues et des nouvelles technologies !

J'en animerai 2 en français en 2018 :

- L'élève au cœur de sa réussite le 15 janvier 2018 entre 19h et 19h45. Vous aurez l'occasion d'en apprendre plus sur mon ouvrage, grâce à des analyses de lecteurs ainsi qu'en me posant des questions en direct !
Pour vous inscrire, c'est ici !

Ce sera en outre l'occasion de gagner l'un de mes livres !Visit the author's original post

Apprendre et Enseigner ! Padlet (l’un de mes outils numériques préférés) etc…

Bonjour à tous !

Mes outils préférés sont simples d'utilisation pour que mes élèves puissent les prendre en main très vite et qu'ils les utilisent à leur tour (qu'ils créent leurs Padlets par exemple :).
Une amie Facebook vient de me demander de l'aide à ce sujet donc je profite d'en faire un petit billet !

Pour commencer j'ai choisi 3 tutoriels en ligne :
-- un excellent tutoriel PDF très utile -- ainsi qu'un tutoriel vidéo : Pourquoi utiliser Padlet?… Visit the author's original post

“We shouldn’t even be talking about technology. We should be saying, ‘What’s the best educational experience for the student?’” – Sal Khan, USA

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on February 13, 2013.

Salman “Sal” Khan has unquestionably made a lasting impact in the world of education – his name has come up countless times here at Daily Edventures, as teachers and others point to his video lessons as an example of transformational change in education. Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, created Khan Academy after using video tutorials to help his niece with algebra.… Visit the author's original post


Ne pouvant pas me rendre à EdYOufest, Madeleine Zapata-Boxberger a gentiment proposé de présenter quelques uns de mes projets. Voici le diaporama qu'elle utilisera en avant-première :)

“With OfficeMix I was able to give voice to my students.” – Emie Baylon, Philippines

Emie C. Baylon
Education Technology Coordinator, Economics and Political Science Teacher
De La Salle Santiago Zobel School


When Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Emie Baylon and I spoke recently at BETT Asia, she enthusiastically shared how technology has converted students who were once “bored” into engaged, life-long learners.

“With OfficeMix and with Sway, I was able to make my class into an engaging one,” says Baylon.

And while technology is one part of Baylon’s teaching toolkit, it’s not the only reason her classroom is successful.… Visit the author's original post

New author blog post! David Arenstam tells us about his love for literature!

It is a great honor to welcome David Arenstam on my blog!
We actually met last April in Saco when my students, my colleague, Mr Tabary and I were visiting the school.
When I read his short stories, I immediately asked him to join my lietrature project!
THANK YOu so much Dave for accepting!

Writer, writer, who wants to be a writer?

The question was so simple, and for me, so complicated. For most of my adult life, I owned and operated a small software and data-processing firm that specialized in providing technology solutions for small banks and credit union.… Visit the author's original post

Slides I will use for the May 30 webinar with CYANE, French author. (French version of the May 2 webinar)

How can you attend the webinar?
Lien d'accès:
Avec CYANE : auteur.… Visit the author's original post

New author guest post. And now for something completely different: poetry by David Atkinson

David Atkinson is the only poet to have joined my literature project and it is a great honor to welcome him on my blog!

His website:


Black Eyed Peace

Black Eyed Peace is my second collection of poetry was published in 2014.Visit the author's original post

“One of the best things about the Flipped Class model is that it came from teachers and not from some sort of top-down professional development strategy. Teachers need to be brought to the table in all education reform. ” – Jonathan Bergmann Pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement, Illinois

Jonathan Bergmann Pioneer of the Flipped Class Movement
Illinois, USA

One of the best things about the Flipped Class model is that it came from teachers and not from some sort of top-down professional development strategy. Teachers need to be brought to the table in all education reform. Too much education reform has been done to teachers instead of by teachers. We need more educational reform to come from the teachers in the trenches.” To learn more about how to flip your classroom, check out Bergmann’s blog, or connect with him through his Educator Profile.Visit the author's original post

9ème Forum des Enseignants Innovants : Article du Café Pédagogique (Projets littéraires)

Bonjour à tous,
Voici le dernier article du Café Pédagogique sur les projets littéraires de la section internationale américaine du Lycée Nelson Mandela :)
N'hésitez pas à envoyer un feedback !

Breaking news! Global Teacher Prize

Well... I still cannot believe it!

I have been selected as one of the top 50 world educators (out of 20 000) by the Varkey Foundation.

Of course, what I really feel like is sharing it with my students whom I am so looking forward to seeing again!

Here are a few links:

- the TOP 50 announcement

- My page

Congratulations to all my students who have made it possible!

9ème Forum des Enseignants innovants: presentation of my OIB projects to the French Minsiter of Education

As some of you know, I have had to undergo emergency surgery. I am missing my dear students more than I can tell! And I still must lie down as much as possible.

That is why it has taken so long to write this post!

To My dear 10th grade students,

Your literature projects were selected by François Jarraud (Café Padagogique) to be presented to the French Minister of Education.

Your work and some of the content you created was really appreciated!… Visit the author's original post

"9ème Forun des Enseignants Innovants": the American OIB project has been selected!

Congratulations to the American OIB students!

Their literature project has been selected as one of the most innovative projects in France! You can read it here (in French).

I will represent them on Friday 26 and Saturday 27, November 2016.

This article explains what this forum is about.

Deek Rhew: guest writer and future guest speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for inviting me onto your blog, Marie!

Today, we are talking about the wild and crazy ride of getting from "It was a dark and stormy night..." to "Yaaaay! You're officially published." There was an article I read by Dave Barry who talked about a flight he took to California. Everyone boarded and while they were waiting to take off, he randomly started asking people how much they paid for their ticket. The answer was not surprising: No one on that flight paid the same fare.… Visit the author's original post

Kai Strand: some thoughts about the first Skype interview (by some of my students)

Today, some students wrote a post in honor of Kai Strand who did the first Skype interview with them.
Thanbk you so much to them and to Kai!

Last Thursday, the 10th grade OIB class got to know the American writer Kai Strand whom they met during a Skype interview. It was a neat opportunity because most of us had never done a Skype interview before with a writer. Kai Strand was very nice to us and answered all our questions in great detail.… Visit the author's original post

STEM Learning Brought to Life


The idea of flipped learning has been around for almost 10 years, however the skills and technology challenges were always too great to make it a practical proposition for most schools. But this is no longer the case! Today, teachers all around the world are using tools like Office Mix to deliver flipped learning as part of a STEM approach.

Flipped + STEM = Too Hard

In theory, the flipped approach is a great way to facilitate STEM learning. If a student can absorb the vital facts of a topic via digital content outside the classroom, then teaching time becomes much more powerful.… Visit the author's original post