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Auto-Grading an Office365 Excel Survey Assessment

So it's pretty common that folks use Google Forms to create an automatically graded assessment.  Now, I have to admit, as a mathematics teacher I don't do a lot of fixed-response assessments like this that need automatic grading.  But that doesn't mean it isn't a useful option.

In fact this post arises not from automatic grading but rather a situation in our Psychology course.  The teachers were doing a study with their students and wanted to collect the data easily and run a T-Test with as little work as possible.Visit the author's original post

The Tipping Point: Why I gave up Google Docs for the Outstanding OneDrive

Guest Post by Matt Jorgensen

Cloud-based web 2.0 tools like OneDrive have been an absolutely wonderful innovation for me. As a prolific user of online learning through a learning management system (Moodle if you must know), I enthusiastically embed OneDrive presentations, documents and spreadsheets into coures because it is often easier to open the OneDrive file to edit rather than logging into Moodle, turning editing on, etc, etc.Videos and all sorts of interactives such as Thinglinks, Voicethreads and Powtoons embellish the online environment as well.… Visit the author's original post

Creating Surveys with Excel Online

Need to send out a survey quickly? Want to have all the data in a familiar format? Excel Surveys, part of the Office 365 environment, are a fantastic tool to get you started.

What are Excel Surveys?

Excel Surveys are part of the Office Online suite of apps that can be accessed from any device on the web. Excel Surveys are a data collection tool. There is no desktop version of Excel Surveys. It only exists online. Excel Surveys They can be used in a school setting for:

  • Assessments and quizzes
  • surveys
  • feedback forms
  • referrals
  • student data collection assignments
  • contact request forms
  • registration for events

Responses are saved in an Excel Online workbook for analysis later.… Visit the author's original post