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Using Analytics To Profile Classes

A 12minute guided tour of the new Class Profile reports in PowerBI Over the last twelve months St Andrew’s College has invested significant resourcing into developing web based reporting tools delivered via Microsoft’s interface, to be used by both … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Managing Minecraft In A School

Note: this is quite a lengthy and, at times, technical post about configuring and deploying Minecraft in a school when choosing not to use the new Microsoft Education Edition. The following is structure of the blog if you want to … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

eLearning Through The Lens Of Key Competencies

In the last week of Term 2 I had the opportunity to present at the NZ Tech Advance Education Technology Summit hosted at Massey University’s Albany Campus. Key topics and subjects discussed include: Inquiry | Creativity | Collaboration – The role of … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Guest Post: Mr Dekker’s Journey With OneNote & Minecraft

This is a repost of a blog on the official Microsoft Education blog where Mr Wilj Dekkers, a Year 6 teacher at St Andrew’s College and Microsoft Innovative Educator, recaps the journey of his classroom over the last two years with Microsoft … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Modelling Google Earth Tours & Internet Research

I was recently invited to speak at the weekly St Andrew’s College Chapel Service. One of the features of these services is the Deputy Head Prefects walking up the centre aisle at the conclusion of the first hymn, and saying … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Hosting a TeachMeet at St Andrew’s College

This week, St Andrew’s College hosted the first TeachMeet event in Christchurch for 2016 and over 40 staff from 15 different schools attended. If you’re unsure of what a TeachMeet actually is, you can find more at the website  but … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Guest Post: Mr Wilj Dekkers Attends Microsoft Educator Exchange

This post was written by Mr Wilj Dekkers who attended the Annual E2 Conference. He is the second St Andrew’s College teacher to be invited to this global conference, after Mr Ben Hilliam attended in 2015. Microsoft Education hold an … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Making It Easier To Read & Write with OneNote Learning Tools

Few would argue against the fact that technology should support teachers and learners in the classroom to achieve better learning outcomes and comprehension. Sadly, too often the technology is shoe-horned into learning environments simply to “tick the box” that eLearning … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Most inspirational edcuators you have to follow

magnificent seven educators

So normally I write a lot of things about me and my experiences, BUT in this post I want to point out some educators (and  other people in education) that have inspired me both in a professional and personal way. I have met them only once or several times in real life, but I have to say, that they are very, very special to me and you HAVE TO get in contact (at least virtually!)

I proudly introduce…

Koen Timmers

Koen Timmers (Belgium)


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Microsoft Video Showcases Innovative Educators

On the 23rd November 2015 Microsoft NZ arranged for a TV crew to film and interview a number of staff and students at St Andrew’s College. The focus of the day was showcasing how the Surface Pro 3 and OneNote … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Infographics with PowerPoint



Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

As a mathematician I am very fond of numbers and graphs, especially statistics! In the past years there was a big trend going on in the internet with infographics. A neat and beautiful way to display data and information with several diagramms or boxes.… Visit the author's original post

Teacher Perspectives On The Surface Pro 3

As we approach the first anniversary of the Surface Pro 3 release in New Zealand, I’ve been reflecting on the fact that we now have 26 staff members using them across the school. An earlier update on how how teachers … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

First #msftedue2 tweet meet


So yesterday I started a small experiment. I hosted a tweetmeet for the #msftedue2 attendees. It was the first time I hosted a tweetmeet and my only experiences are some meetings at the weekly #edchatde. I thought of bringing the people of the Microsoft Educator Exchange after four weeks together and keep the spirit up.

I put together three questions to catch the spirit:

Q1: What one thing do you tell everybody who was not at the E² about the E²?… Visit the author's original post

Mr Hilliam Attends Microsoft Educator Exchange E2 Conference

At the start of this term, Mr Ben Hilliam, flew to Seattle in the United States as a guest of Microsoft to attend their Global Educator E2 Conference. His attendance was based on his earlier selection as a Microsoft Innovative … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Combining OneNote & Moodle For Assessment Submissions

One of the great things about Microsoft OneNote is the ease with which teachers can provide feedback to students on their work, helping them to develop their ideas towards the submission of assessment. This was explained in detail by Ms … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Part 4 – Inside Microsoft Headquarters


It’s been a week since I came back home to Austria, but my thoughts and some of my feelings ar still in Redmond. In this forth part I try to write down some impressions I had at the Microsoft Campus two weeks ago.

Part one – first try to capture the uncapturable

Part two – meet the people of the Microsoft Educator Exchange

Part three – Keynotes and talks at the Educator Exchange

Microsoft LOVES Feedback

The conference track for us 15 Microsoft Innovative Educators Fellows was a bit different compared to the 250 mieexperts and it was truely an honor.… Visit the author's original post

Part 3 – Keynotes and talks at the Educator Exchange

E² - Seattle header

In this third part of my retroperspective of the Microsoft Educator Exchange I want to have a closer look at the different talks and keynotes.

Anthony Salcito – Expect more, do more, be more

Althoug I have experienced Anthony’s talks many times now – live and on video – and I have had the chance to talk to him in a dailyedventure interview I still have to say, that there is no other man who inspires me more with his words (maybe Sir Ken Robinson tops this!).… Visit the author's original post

First try to capture the uncapturable


So this is the first blog post in a (certain) series of blog posts I will do after the Microsoft Educator Exchange in Redmond. I want to look into different aspects in each post and today I want to focus on the event as a whole.

It’s not a tech-Forum, it is a teach-forum!

So, of course, when you hear Microsoft everybody is thinking of technology and software, BUT this Educator Exchange was exactly about what the titles promises. An Exchange between edcuators from all around the world.… Visit the author's original post

5 things why I love my Surface Pro 3 stylus

why I love my stylus

Inspired by those many “listicles” that appear day to day on the Internet, I decided to write my personal listicle about five things, why I love my stylus on the Surface Pro 3.

the SP3 stylus has three buttons on it

the SP3 stylus has three buttons on it

1: My stylus is more than a pen

Since the SP3 has three buttons I always explain interested teachers in my OneNote workshops, that this tool is more like a mouse. So you can do a lot more than just writing with it!… Visit the author's original post

Travelling – geek’s style


So the Microsoft Edcuator Exchange is coming closer and closer and my preparations are not finsished yet, but I put some effort in being “fully equipped” for this “one-of-a-kind” journey. As I am traveling earlier to Seattle to do some sightseeing and hoping to get a beautiful pic from the Space Needle, I am staying for over a week in the USA.

As a Geek – yes I am proud to be one – I surely “depend” on lots of technical things when I am on the road.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft in Education Advisory Board

advisory board

WOW! This week I got an email from representatives of Microsoft in Education that really thrilled me:

… Because of your commitment to Microsoft and educational transformation, I would like to invite you to be part of this pilot Advisory Board. You are considered a leader in your school, community and peers across the world and we value your comments and opinions. Your input will be critical in shaping products, tools and resources. …

These individuals will be the “go to” partners across the world who will collaborate together to provide market understanding of integral use of ICT in teaching and learning, as well as input and feedback on Microsoft education programs, products, tools and resources.
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OneNote Class Notebook Creator @ OneDrive

You can start the OneNote Classroom Notebook App right from your Office 365 menu

So call my stupid or just “Not-SharePoint-well-known”, but I have discovered only recently, that you can install and administer the great OneNote Class Notebook Creator Tool right in your very own OneDrive for Business! (kind of…)

I thought, that an adminstrator has to create a dedicated Sharepoint site, where you install the App and then you can create your OneNote Class Notebooks. BUT as OneDrive for Business IS in the core exactly the same as a SharePoint site you don’t have to use dedicated sites.… Visit the author's original post

GeoGebra App within Office 365

You can start GeoGebra from Office 365

So after a longer break (I have had a great skiing week with my students!) I am finally back again with some great news concerning Office 365 and GeoGebra. As I have found out some weeks ago, you can now sign in into GeoGebra (GeoGebratube) at with your Office 365 account, I discovered the next cool thing today:

You can login to GeoGebra with your Office 365 account

You can login to GeoGebra with your Office 365 account

If you are logged in to your Office 365 account you my now find a new button titled “GeoGebra”, so you can just start GeoGebra right from Office 365!… Visit the author's original post

Exploring Film Settings Through Google Earth

An example tour created by Year 10 students Last week I was invited into the Year 10 English class of Ms Tam Yuill Proctor to observe her students creating virtual tours within Google Earth of the key settings in the … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

5 Tips for holding a OneNote Workshop

Screenshot 00213

Inspired by the Microsoft Innovative Educator “#MSFTtips Contest” I decided to write down my 5 Tips for everbody, who wants to hold an OneNote workshop for other educators. In the past 3 years I have had great oppertunities to introduce OneNote to many, many educators in Austria (and Germany too!) and I am pretty proud of my efforts, because I have changed some teachers AND students daily life since they are using Microsoft OneNote.

  • Tell them your WHY

    So if you never heard of Simon Sinek you have to invest the following 18 Minutes into his genious TED talk about what he calls the” Golden Circle”: WHY – HOW – WHAT:

    So I always start my Workshops traditionally with a small PowerPoint-presentation about my personal path to OneNote.

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Learning to draw…

Screenshot 00211

So there is a great song by Tom Petty called “Learning to fly” and I can really say that I have tried a lot of different things in my life, because I am very curious. But like flying there is one thing, that I will never ever learn: DRAWING!
I have tried a lot of times to get things right and get the correct proportions, but it seems to me, that – like flying – drawing is something I am not going to learn!… Visit the author's original post

Technology Enables Efficiency in English Marking

  For me it’s like the one stop shop … go to OneNote, open up their page, have they done it? Yes? No? Give them feedback. Sync it. Sorted! Ms Coote describes her new workflow for marking student work I … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Students Collaborate With New Features in OneNote

OneNoteAs noted in a recent post, staff at St Andrew’s College have wholeheartedly embraced the potential of OneNote to help students receive, and engage with, classroom materials in different ways. Much of the focus for teaching staff and students at this time of Term 1 has been setting up their class notebooks using the Onenote Classroom Creator tool. Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive in the use of this tool to seamlessly organise both class and individual student’s distinct areas into a single notebook.… Visit the author's original post

Xbox Avatar editor

nothing suits you like a suite

Today I am posting again in English and definitely Off-Topic! A few weeks ago I made a short stop at the Windows 8 – Game App (I do not play games) and I noticed that I had a really bad avatar. So I decided to give it a try and visit the Xbox Avatar Editor Page , where you can easily modify and customize your avatar.

Digital me?

I tried some things and soon I was satisfied with my “new look”.… Visit the author's original post