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One Hour Could Kick Start Your Students’ Coding



How many people write code worldwide?

During Computer Science Education Week, from Dec. 5 to 11, there will be many millions. They’ll be all ages, they’ll code in more than 45 natural languages, and they’ll do their coding from over 180 countries as they participate in the fourth annual Hour of Code.

The founders of Hour of Code, tech entrepreneurs Hadi and Ali Partovi, believed that not enough people know how to write code, that everybody should, and that everybody could, just by giving it a try for an hour.… Visit the author's original post

Join our next #OneNoteQ TweetMeet to Share Your “Best Of 2016 Moments”



Join our next #OneNoteQ TweetMeet to Share Your “Best Of 2016 Moments”


During 2016, the OneNote team launched more than 36 new OneNote features that educators won’t want to miss in our blog here. And to celebrate a successful year together, we’re inviting all OneNote avengers to share #Bestof2016 OneNote experiences in our upcoming OneNoteQ TweetMeet on December, 6th at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, PT.

In preparation for the Twitter chat, below you will find all the information and background you need to join so you can share your favorite #Bestof2016 OneNote moments in our final #OneNoteQ TweetMeet of 2016.… Visit the author's original post

Transform your classroom: 4 ways technology takes teaching and learning to the next level

Did you know that there are 1.4 billion students in the world? When you consider this immense student population, and the 65.2 million educators dedicated to teaching them, technology becomes even more important.

At Microsoft, we believe that people can do remarkable things when technology is within their reach. We also know that the right technology can literally become the engine for creating, sharing, exploring, individualizing teaching, and much more. Read more about teaching and learning solutions and download the teaching and learning eBook designed specifically to help teachers and school leaders on this journey.… Visit the author's original post

Announcing Hack the Classroom: Small Steps to Big Impact

Hack is Back. September 24, 2016 from 8:00a.m. to 10:00a.m. PST. #HacktheClassroom

The messages came pouring in through the live chat, greetings from Vietnam to Croatia, Nigeria to Canada, lighting up the morning with energy and excitement. And like that, the first Hack the Classroom digital event kicked off on January 30, 2016, as tens of thousands of educators from around the world were inspired to go forth and do amazing things in the classroom, armed with inspiring new ideas from speakers and peers.

And we’re so excited to do it all again.… Visit the author's original post

ISTE and Microsoft collaborate to provide new school planning and professional learning resources

At Microsoft, we are committed to supporting teachers and school leaders with the tools, training and resources they need to improve student learning outcomes and drive change.

From teacher-inspired updates in Office 365 Education, to faster and easier device set-up with Windows 10, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of educators and simplifying their digital experience. And these updates are just the beginning.

This week we’re excited to announce a new collaboration with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to combine and expand a host of our world-class initiatives to ensure educators and school leaders around the world have access to school planning and professional development resources.… Visit the author's original post

Coming Soon: Microsoft and edX partner to offer new professional learning courses for school leaders

As school leaders look to transform and modernize education, access to professional learning experiences is crucial. In order to support school leaders around the world, we are working closely with edX to create new professional learning courses for school leaders to support their leadership in education transformation. Starting in the fall of 2016 through spring 2017, five new online courses will be available to help guide school principals and headmasters, superintendents and school leaders enhance classroom learning and outcomes.

Two school leaders taking an online learning course

School leadership matters

We know behind every flourishing school is a leadership team with clarity of vision and tools to implement, navigate change processes and monitor improvement.… Visit the author's original post

New research highlights most in-demand job skills

One of the most important and toughest roles every educator plays is preparing students for their next steps. With a mission to empower every student to achieve more, we at Microsoft are constantly evaluating what skills employers are looking for, and how those skills can be effectively delivered – with the help of technology.

A new white paper, Keys to the Future: Align Workforce Readiness Skills to Ensure Student Success helps us deliver on that mission. This research, conducted by IDC, looks at the most in-demand skills in today’s workforce, and the skills needed for tomorrow’s best jobs.… Visit the author's original post

Become an Edupreneur today

The world is changing. Fast.

Now more than ever, the education sector needs to adapt and innovate to continually ensure that we are providing the best possible education opportunities for every child, everywhere.

As education leaders, we hear a great deal about “what” needs to change in education and “why,” but we hear very little about “how” to make these changes.  

The reality is that it is often difficult to learn about how to innovate. “Innovation in education” is not a lesson to be taught in one class, or a focus for a special week.Visit the author's original post

Minecraft: Zen and the Art of Letting Go

By Steven Isaacs, Game Design and Development, grade 8. Connect with Steven Isaacs on the Educator community.

It took me a little while to adopt Minecraft in the Classroom. It had been on my radar for some time, but I didn’t quite get the allure. However, kids were clearly so passionate about this game, that I couldn’t help but acknowledge the great value and relevance it had to them. That was enough to push me over the edge.… Visit the author's original post

Relentless use of data redefines success for Tacoma School District

What does success mean: Tacoma School District taps data to raise graduation rates

Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) is a relatively small urban school district, but they had a big problem. The district’s high schools had become known as “dropout factories,” and their graduation rates had plummeted well below the U.S. average of 81 percent.

That’s the same year Carla Santorno became TPS superintendent, and she knew something had to change.

“When I became superintendent we had a graduation rate of 55 percent, which is shameful,” Santorno says.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft introduces new program to help leaders develop transformative world-class education systems

“Education systems are not simply collections of independently effective parts and pieces. Effective systems, by definition, are collections of parts and pieces that work in harmony with one another, each one reinforcing and supporting the functioning of the other parts and pieces, and all of them together contributing in a positive way to the outcomes for which the system was designed.”
 – The National Center on Education and the Economy’s (NCEE) Center, page 4, 2016

How do education leaders reach excellence and maintain highest education standards for their students?… Visit the author's original post

Empowering students around the world to achieve more

At Microsoft, we are humbled to see more and more students and teachers around the world using Microsoft products including Windows 10, Office, OneNote, Skype, and more to achieve academic success and prepare for their futures. According to Futuresource...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Empowering students around the world to achieve more

At Microsoft, we are humbled to see more and more students and teachers around the world using Microsoft products including Windows 10, Office, OneNote, Skype, and more to achieve academic success and prepare for their futures.

According to Futuresource*, Windows continues to be the leading global platform for K-12 education, with twice as many Windows devices shipped in 2015 as our closest competitor.

Educators are turning to Windows 10 because of familiar and more personal experience for students and educators, as well as the safety and security features Windows 10 offers.… Visit the author's original post

Future Ready Schools: Realizing the Vision Now

This month, the Department of Education published the new U.S. National Education Technology Plan (NETP), guiding schools toward “everywhere, all-the-time learning” and providing examples of transformation, research, and new innovations. At the heart of the NETP is the goal of equity and accessibility. Microsoft’s mission aligns fully with the NETP: we work to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, and empowerment begins with inclusion. Read more.

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Join us January 30th for Hack the Classroom, a digital event

On January 30th, Microsoft is bringing together inspiring “education hackers” to help put a spark in your classroom. Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom is a free, digital event for educators and school leaders designed to provide insights into the latest trends in education so you can make your teaching more creative and compelling.

...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Transforming education, improving lives

December 10th is the United Nations 2015 Human Rights Day and an ideal time to reflect on the UN's Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education. Microsoft in Education is committed to closing school access gaps with resources that build school, leader and teacher capacity and with programs and resources that advance student learning. One example of our commitment is our partnership with Millennium EDU. Learn more.

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Big news for whole-school transformation: Announcing our 2016 education change-makers

Today, we’re thrilled to honor the teachers, school leaders and students who are transforming education -- in ways both big and small -- through our 2016 Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Showcase Schools, and Student Ambassador programs. These dedicated individuals not only innovate in their own schools and classrooms, they lead by example, bringing their peers from around the globe on the same life-changing journey of transformation.

...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Redefining Learning conferences go global, highlight local Showcase Schools

On October 9th, all the Microsoft Showcase Schools in the United Kingdom gathered for the first ever Redefining Learning Conference internationally in the Microsoft office in London. There had been two conferences held previously held in Los Angeles, California and Medina, Washington but this was an opportunity to share the new educator-led conference with to an audience outside the US. The Showcase Schools leaders and Microsoft Innovative Educators embraced it and now there is another conference coming up on December 3 and 4th in Oslo, Norway.… Visit the author's original post

Schools use real-time data to improve learning outcomes and boost graduation rates

Whether schools are using student data – and technology that captures it securely – to easily identify at-risk students, adjust learning strategies for gifted students or help staff spend less time on paperwork, all education stakeholders are reaping the benefits. Microsoft’s integrated IT solutions are helping educators transform learning with critical insights that support student relationship-building – from recruitment through retention, and from first contact to graduation and beyond.

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Moving the Future of Education Forward: Microsoft Showcase Schools and How to Apply

oD Microsoft Showcase Schools are the best of the best -- where school leaders have a strong vision for change. From that vision comes whole-school transformations, creating innovative learning environments enabled by technology, where...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Microsoft 21st Century Professional Learning Conversation Guide

The Microsoft 21st Century Professional Learning Conversation Guide, presented as a OneNote notebook, is a professional learning process guide for school leaders, head teachers, professional learning coaches, and teachers to collaborate in redesigning and transforming learning. Learn more about the guide and how to download it.

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2016 Microsoft Showcase Schools: The Best of the Best in Education Transformation

Today, we announce the process for the 2015-2016 Microsoft Showcase School selection, and the brand new Associate Showcase School program. From June 30th through October 30th of 2015, Microsoft Showcase Schools will be identified by the Microsoft in Education contacts in each country and region. Learn more about the Microsoft Showcase School program.

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K-12 Education Trends: Coming Soon to a School Near You

Wearable technology, information visualization and badges are just some of the five-year developments described in the 2015 New Media Consortium Horizon Report K-12 Edition. At Microsoft, we are inspired by the innovations that support the kind of scalable and sustainable transformation we see in schools every day. Read our perspective on trends, challenges and developments called out in the new report.

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Microsoft Answers the ConnectED Challenge, Delivers Technology and Devices to Schools Across America

When President Obama issued his ConnectED Challenge to make sure all students have access to the technology and devices they need to succeed, Microsoft took action. Read about progress since Microsoft joined the ConnectED initiative including the over 3 million students who have received access to Office 365 in K--12 schools across the U.S.

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Lead your School like a Business

In an era of change and economic uncertainty, schools are taking steps to alleviate costs where possible. It helps to think of a school as a business – the end product being a productive, intelligent member of society.

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El Paso Independent School District “Powers Up” Students, Teachers with Microsoft Technology

The El Paso Independent School District, where 80 percent of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, worked closely with Microsoft to determine and deliver the devices and tools necessary to make the digital transition and give El Paso schools. Their “Power Up” initiative will transform education and provide a Windows-based laptop running Office 365 for every student and teacher in the district. Read how this program started with a philosophy of transformed learning in El Paso classrooms, including project-based learning, flipped classrooms and ubiquitous collaboration. 

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Guest post by Colby Clark, Director of Information Technology at Manteca Unified School District: Using Bing in the Classroom Lessons for Safe, Educational Lessons

Guest post by Colby Clark, Director of Information Technology at Manteca Unified School District At Manteca Unified School District, we care enormously about supporting digital literacy in the classroom, so our students learn the skills they need to...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Being Brave: Educators from Around the Globe Are Challenging Themselves to Transform Education

The Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange officially kicked-off this morning. The nearly 250 educators and 30 student ambassadors representing 87 countries came together to share ideas and learn more about innovating in the classroom. Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education at Microsoft kicked off the event with an inspiring keynote setting the tone for week. Read more and see the day's recap video.

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