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GUEST BLOG: Thoughts on Learning Tools for OneNote – by Gerald Haigh

The following is a guest post written by Gerald Haigh, exploring Learning Tools for OneNote, and the broader topic of the spectrum of individual needs among students. In the piece he refers to an article in ‘Forbes’ by Dr Jordan Shapiro, who was recently the speaker and moderator for our #HackTheClassroom global online event.

Thoughts on Learning Tools for OneNote

by Gerald Haigh

For a large chunk of my teaching career, I worked with children who were labelled as having special needs, mainly in mainstream schools, but also briefly in a special school for children with profound learning difficulties.Visit the author's original post

Making It Easier To Read & Write with OneNote Learning Tools

Few would argue against the fact that technology should support teachers and learners in the classroom to achieve better learning outcomes and comprehension. Sadly, too often the technology is shoe-horned into learning environments simply to “tick the box” that eLearning … Continue reading Visit the author's original post