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Education Technology – The transformational potential of Microsoft Azure

Ask a University technical helpdesk about their most frequent calls (Deep sigh, ‘Here we go again! Why on earth don’t they?’) and it’s a safe bet that requests for help with resetting forgotten or necessarily changed passwords will come high up on the list. Such calls are frustrating for users and eat up the time of skilled technicians. They’re expensive, too – helping users with their passwords typically accounts for a fifth of an institution’s IT budget...… Visit the author's original post

Disruptive Technologies – What’s Now and Next for Education at EduTech Australia 2017

Just a few minutes ago, I finished speaking at the EduTech Conference in Sydney about the impact of disruptive technologies on education. Months ago, I’d agreed to talk in a phone call with a colleague, and because I was overseas travelling at the time, they had provided the conference organisers with a synopsis that was fairly brief and seemed to cover every emerging technology you could imagine:

Disruptive Technologies – What’s Now and Next for Education at EduTech Australia 2017

“With the advent of powerful cloud computing and changing environments, how will emerging and future technologies impact on school based IT, teaching, learning and even buildings and learning spaces?

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Digital Transformation Conference – June 8th, Repton School

repton-schoolWe are pleased to share details of the Digital Transformation Conference hosted by Repton School on Thursday 8th June 2017.

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Developing and implementing a digital strategy

Being a Microsoft Showcase School is about more than just the use of technology. It is about thought leadership, pioneering practices, and helping others in the community to develop. We are incredibly fortunate to work with so many wonderful schools and colleges who proactively engaging the wider community through various events, opening their doors to welcome other teachers and school leaders in sharing best practices and strategies.… Visit the author's original post

From motivated to empowered: digital transformation in education

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You’ve probably heard the terms ‘digital’ and ‘transformation’ bandied about a lot recently. There is good reason for this: digital tools are transforming the world we live in today, and that our students will lead tomorrow. Digital transformation in education is just as critical as in every other industry today, and there’s an urgency driven by the gap between student and staff expectations and their current experiences.

In education, we’re becoming familiar with many forms of digital technology and change. This includes laptops and pervasive Wi-Fi in classrooms, online courses and peer-to-peer collaboration, and real-time support for students’ learning based on accessible data.… Visit the author's original post