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Using SWAY to better study Optics

My Physics class and I got through an exciting experience at Hight School Liceo Volta in Milan (Italy)

The whoole classroom started with the usual work and posted papers and compositions about our Optics Laboratory Experiences in a common repository , complete of photos and videos of the experimentations they did.

Then a group of six students decided to examine in dept some more interesting aspects.  So they started analyzing selected optical technological applications and phoenomena.

We followed  Innovative Design Thinking method.… Visit the author's original post

School Learning Disruption

enterDisruptive technologies are challenging traditional School Learning.

Boundaries are blurring: formal mix up with informal, real with virtual, the teacher with the learner.

Liquid modernity takes on school a great responsibility.

Education became a lifelong learning journey. Learning experiences need to be designed and carefully projected.

Look at my presentation  at National Convenction Sirem Siel 2014 (Italy):

Project proposes a new way to set up learning activities using Open Resources, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Flipped Classroom modality. The Project intends to rebuilt traditional didactics of Mathematics and Physics in two classrooms (third year of Scientific Lyceum).Visit the author's original post