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New Innovations for the Classroom – Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here!

The following post originally appeared in the Issue 6 of #TheFeed, and was written by Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group.

At Build, we announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Today, I’m excited to share additional features for educators and students, alongside other education news from Microsoft. Today, Windows is the leading global platform for K-12 education. Our enduring goal is for Windows to be the best place to learn and  the best platform for teaching.

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Cortana and Speech Platform In Depth

Cortana and Speech Platform In Depth

Build natural language speech experiences that start with Cortana. 
Learn about new options for authoring natural language 
Voice Command Definitions (VCDs).

So Cool!!

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Kevin Sait’s thoughts on Windows 10 in education

The following post comes from Kevin Sait, Head of IT Strategy at Wymondham High Academy Trust. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Technology Associate and Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 and Office 365 with over 20 years of educational experience.

On his own blog, Kevin recently posted his first impressions and experiences of Windows 10, with some further thoughts on the impact it will have in education going forward. He’s kindly allowed us to repost his blog here.… Visit the author's original post