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Using SWAY to better study Optics

My Physics class and I got through an exciting experience at Hight School Liceo Volta in Milan (Italy)

The whoole classroom started with the usual work and posted papers and compositions about our Optics Laboratory Experiences in a common repository , complete of photos and videos of the experimentations they did.

Then a group of six students decided to examine in dept some more interesting aspects.  So they started analyzing selected optical technological applications and phoenomena.

We followed  Innovative Design Thinking method.… Visit the author's original post

The School of the Future is here!


You can’t solve the educational problem in the XXI century School if you don’t change your mind!

Teachers need technologies and a Metod to support their changes in daily didactis. So now is born “Innovative Design Thinking for teachers”. This Metod use simple instruments scheduled from team management courses and creative models of learning. 100 italian teachers refined it during 2 years. Now 160 complete projects are present on the site look at them!

I like very much to project my MIEE activities using “Innovative Design Thinking” to meet educational goals with my students.… Visit the author's original post