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A spirited teacher reshapes the computer science classroom for 21st-century makers

Doug Bergman believes computer science is changing. In his view, it’s no longer reserved just for students who want to work in technology. Doug knows a basic understanding of computer science will enable his students to solve tomorrow’s problems in just about any career they choose.

That’s why, as the computer science instructor at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina, Doug invites tiny drones, talking robots, augmented reality and other pieces of the future right into the classroom, encouraging his students to become skilled, 21st-century creators.… Visit the author's original post

HackingSTEM: Using Computational Thinking to Understand Earthquakes

Happy Computer Science Education Week!

Millions of students worldwide are in the process of discovering the possibilities of instructing machines to accomplish tasks. Whether completing the Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial, or watching a Pixar In a Box episode on Khan Academy, the spirit of discovery, experimentation and the art of Computer Science is celebrated while students build core 21st century software engineering skills.

This month, the Education Workshop has partnered with the California Academy of Sciences and KQED to combine coding with mechanical engineering and data science to empower students to use computational thinking to experience how engineers and computer scientists are working together to mitigate the impact of earthquakes.… Visit the author's original post

Thoughts on pigeons and computational thinking – by Gerald Haigh

In the following post Gerald Haigh considers computational thinking from a rather unusual standpoint, but in doing so illustrates that this is a truly universally applicable skill, and not just one that will benefit coders.

Earlier this summer I tried in vain to find a way of connecting a hose to a tap in the bathroom so that we could lean out of the window and direct a jet of water at an otherwise inaccessible pigeons’ public toilet.  Yes, there are many devices for making such a connection; I know this because I tried them all, to no avail.… Visit the author's original post