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Envisioning a future in Education – Teacher Collaboration

It is impossible to envision what the future classroom would look like, but this post explores what is possible with technology that is already here today and focussing specifically on teacher collaboration and sharing.  I will lay my cards on the table at the start and declare my bias for Microsoft technologies. Therefore, this article will unashamedly speak mostly of these tools that I think are awesome, along with other tools that maybe aren’t out of the Microsoft suite.

Teacher collaboration and sharing: The technology is already here with Skype, Twitter, Yammer, Facebook, Pinterest, Email and Pinterest.… Visit the author's original post

Is technology driving innovation at your school? Why?


For too long now, teachers have sat in a hyper-confused state allowing the technology add-on pervade every sense of excitement potential in classrooms today. We have sat and witnessed teachers drowning in the confusion of modern-day technology tools. In the rush to be seen to being innovative, they place the worksheets, assignments, powerpoints and dare I say it, YouTubes onto their school’s Learning Management Systems. For far too long now, we have seen the misuse of technology invade the classroom learning experience.… Visit the author's original post

Speaking frankly about education.

We sit the students down in their seats; they cannot talk.  What follows is a polite and almost choral Good Morning Mr./Mrs. Xu.  The teacher speaks for about 10 minutes (or more if it is a “boring” teacher) and then from time to time asks that question that only he/she knows the answer to.  Of course, because no-one answers, the kids don’t understand that concept.  The “obedient” students sit down at their desks (without talking) and are promptly ordered to open their textbooks to page 56 where they are to “learn” about indices, Rome, or if they are really lucky they will watch a video lecture.… Visit the author's original post

21st Century Learning – The photograph’d learning challenge

21CLD: What is it about Microsoft’s 21st Century Learning Design that makes your classroom into a classroom that you cannot photograph enough?  This post talks of one recent learning discovery and challenges other teachers to try the same.  21CLD used as a framework enabled students to collaborate, and learn difficult concept in relevant and engaging ways.


The Challenge: I was in my Year 7 Mathematics classroom.  I could not take enough photos of all that was going on quickly enough. … Visit the author's original post