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Intune for Education is helping make fully connected classrooms a reality

Behind every connected student in every classroom, whether that’s online or in person, there are teams of people working to make the learning experience as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Joel Palmer, program coordinator for Maryland’s Calvert County Schools and the 16,000 students who learn there, is among such a team. Joel’s job centers on implementing and managing the district’s new technology, and with 9,000 desktop computers and 9,000 laptops to manage he and his team have their work cut out for them.… Visit the author's original post

Embracing Cloud Learning at Guilsborough Academy

Office 365 provides a wealth of benefits to any school, college and university that wishes to enhance student learning experience. Guilsborough Academy has recently made the exciting switch from SharePoint on-premises to Office 365 SharePoint Online. Today, we’re looking at some of the incredible opportunities SharePoint Online has created for both staff and pupils at the school.… Visit the author's original post

Why Australia’s private schools need automation

Australia’s independent schools face more competition than ever before. Enrolment numbers can’t keep up with demand from parents, and expectations of high academic and co-curricular results put the pressure squarely on teachers like never before. Private school boards are doing their best to optimise operations and attract top teachers – but is there more to...… Visit the author's original post

Forging stronger ties with students: TAFE Queensland South West revamps its CRM system

The success of an educational institution today is measured not only by the quality of its courses. League tables that account for ‘overall student experience’ often factor student support and engagement into their rankings. In fact, a 2016 Student Experience Survey funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training reveals that only 61%...… Visit the author's original post

52 campuses, one cloud: how TAFE Queensland retook control of its relationships

Educational institutions require much more than solid teaching to stay in business and thrive. With more than 120 thousand students attending 52 campuses, TAFE Queensland relies on strong relationships with a network of commercial partnerships to sustain profitability and demand. Government agencies and larger enterprises often seek out institutions like TAFE Queensland for training services,...… Visit the author's original post

Partner Case Study: How Microsoft Power BI is helping Swalcliffe Park School safeguard students

Swalcliffe Park School caters for boys aged 11 to 19 who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum conditions, and also functions as a children’s home. All students have statements of special educational needs or education health care plans, with a large number of local authorities placing students in the school. The children’s homes and school have both been judged to be outstanding. The internet is a key resource for learning and plays an important part of the recreational activities of the students who live on-site, so it's vitally important for the Safeguarding of the students that internet access and content barriers are suitably and adequately managed.… Visit the author's original post

Partner Case Study: Automating Office 365 Groups at The Pingle School, with Ruler

rulerWe are pleased to share this story from Microsoft in Education partner Ruler, all about their work with a secondary school in Derbyshire. Last month Ruler were one of the many partners exhibiting on our Microsoft Partner Campus at Bett 2017. Ruler Connect can also automatically create Active Directory and Office 365 users, assign licences, create and manage email distribution lists down to class level and push individual timetables for staff and students into the Office 365 calendar. For more information on how you can maximise Office 365 in your school, please visit the author's original post

Hosting Moodle in Azure – TAFE South Australia moves online

I’ve written before about the work that our technical teams have done to make it simpler to run Moodle on Azure, and the way that you can integrate Office 365 with Moodle to make life easier for teaching staff and students (as well as easing the manage of a potentially-complex IT system).

imageThis week, TAFE South Australia have announced they have moved their Moodle LMS to Microsoft Azure in the cloud, in order to improve the level of service delivered to their students.… Visit the author's original post

The first university-wide roll out of Windows 10 in the world has started, and it’s in Australia!

Consumers are often the first to start using new releases of Windows, and large organisations tend to follow more cautiously, taking the time to carefully balance the new features some users want alongside the cry from others to not change anything. But in the case of Windows 10 there are features in it that mean that users on earlier versions of Windows can move to the latest version without major retraining, and can also start to use new developments within the operating system.Visit the author's original post

How to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365

School IT teams sometimes face very different challenges to business IT teams (and have to solve them with smaller budgets and less people). Moving services to the cloud is an example, because once you’ve made the decision to do it, you’ve got to deal with moving hundreds of gigabytes of data for thousands of users from your on-premise servers to the cloud. There are a number of different approaches for how to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365, and so a case study of a school approach to this will be useful.… Visit the author's original post

IT Heroes: How to stop parents or students block your parking bays?

imageI’ve been talking about machine learning a lot recently - the idea that we can use a bit of computing brain power to look at data, and make predictions, spot patterns and improve the value we can get from data in education. As an example I often talk about, that estimates how old you look from simply looking at a picture of you - it’s a good example because it was built very quickly because of the work we’ve been doing to simplify the process of using machine learning services.… Visit the author's original post

Australian Education Case Studies Update – November 2015

Education Case Studies iconOne question that I’m asked frequently about new projects is:

Who else is doing this?

In some cases, what people (partners/customers) are looking for is confirmation that they’re going to be at the innovative edge - and that what they are doing hasn’t been done before. But most of the time, they are looking for reassurance that somebody else has taken the journey before them!

So I collate a list of public education case studies and examples from within Australia, which will help answer the question.… Visit the author's original post

Student drop out in Australian schools

Yesterday media around the country reported that one in four Australian school students drop out without completing Year 12. The stories were based on a report from the Mitchell Institute, who published the report “Educational opportunity in Australia 2015: Who succeeds and who misses out”, and a detailed factsheet about completion in senior schools. There were some key demographic factors that drove the differences in drop out rates - location, indigenous status, language background and socio economic status, and they also identified a number of key other factors - “poor grades in core subjects, low attendance, and disengagement in the classroom, including behavioural problems”.… Visit the author's original post

Windows 10 at Arnhem Wharf Primary School

We’ve been hearing about what must have a good claim to be the earliest whole-school adoption of Windows 10 in the country, if not in the world. The installation – at the 700 pupil Arnhem Wharf Primary in Tower Hamlets– began on 3 August this year, five days after the Windows 10 global release.

...(read more)Visit the author's original post

OneNote, SmartBoard and students with autism

Autism activities K-5Our global Office blog recently published an excellent article from a teacher in the US, sharing their experiences of using OneNote for students with autism. They found it supported their use of tablets and interactive whiteboards in the classroom, with the OneNote notebook allowing students with autism to engage in interactive exercises, and bringing together the learning journey for students and teachers across the different devices.

Alexis Parker, the teacher from Florida, introduces her students briefly before sharing her professional practice:

  I am a special education teacher for kindergarten through 5th-grade students who are highly impacted with autism.
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Case study – Applying Azure Machine Learning in education to student dropout

Having recently written two articles about the theory of applying Machine Learning in Education - “Two ways to use Azure Machine Learning in education” and “Making machine learning in education easier for every day users” - I think it’s time to dive into a specific example of machine learning in education where it is being used to support education outcomes in schools. The story comes from my colleagues on the Machine Learning blog.

Tacoma Public Schools logo

The example is from Washington State, in the US, where Tacoma Public Schools has been using it as part of their ongoing initiative to prevent student dropout for school students.… Visit the author's original post

Hololens in education – case study video

The team working on the Microsoft Hololens are quietly working on creating ambitious new ways of achieving new things - you've hopefully seen some of the demonstrations that they've given at global events like Build and the Windows 10 announcement earlier in the year (if not, jump here). And that includes working on uses for Hololens in education, and imagining some of the ways that we can enhance teaching with Hololens.

Although much of their work is being done behind firmly closed doors, when they do give us a sneak peek of what's to come, it's thought provoking stuff.… Visit the author's original post

How OneNote helps students with assignment, notes and getting organised

Yesterday I shared a video (How OneNote makes a classroom difference) from Carey Academy in North Carolina, who shared how they were using OneNote to support new ways of teaching and learning. Today, I’m going to share the next part of the story, which is their students’ perspective on how they use OneNote to support their learning through things like note-taking and helping organise assignments.

The thing I noticed in this is the way that the students talk about how it helps them to take control of their own learning – like the student who talks about handing in their homework assignments:

  imageYou can just do your homework.
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