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Microsoft Brings the Four Nations Together with the MOS Championship

Since the launch of the MOS Four Nations Championship, more than 40,000 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams have been delivered across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Microsoft and Prodigy Learning are proud to announce the inaugural Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Four Nations Champions who have demonstrated their digital skills (specifically their mastery of Microsoft Office and Minecraft) at the Four Nations Final held at Microsoft UK Headquarters.… Visit the author's original post

#TheFeed – Digital Literacy in 21st Century, by Sonia Blanford

The following post features in the most recent issue of #TheFeed, our online magazine bringing you the best stories from Microsoft Showcase Schools and #MIEExperts, thought leadership, and news from the Microsoft in Education team. This piece is written Sonia Blanford – a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and Founder & CEO at Achievement for All – and explores the upcoming changes in Education and the continuing effects this will have on society as a whole.

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#TheFeed – Digital Literacy in 21st Century, by Sonia Blanford

The wider deployment and effective use of ICT is pivotal in the changing global world of the future.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft and Prodigy Learning invite your students to take up the Four Nations Challenge…

mos-four-nationsAre your students ready to be a Microsoft Office Specialist Champion to represent your Nation? Announcing the 2017 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Four Nations and World Championship. Prove you are the best in Word, Excel and PowerPoint by taking a Microsoft Office Specialist exam!

The MOS Four Nations Championship offers an opportunity for students across the UK and Ireland to prove their digital skills and be in the running to win fantastic prizes. To participate, eligible students must take, and pass, a MOS exam (Excel, PowerPoint or Word) before 15 May, 2017.… Visit the author's original post

Kindergarten Students Learn about Cooking from Chef Eric LeVine

One of America's best chefs took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with our kindergarten students about his job and about ways to use the vegetables they are growing in tasty, healthy recipes.

Video call snapshot 4

The students were very interested to learn that Chef Eric has his own farm-to-table garden on the roof of his restaurant, where he grows 16 types of foods.  They also enjoyed a tour of the kitchen, and asked lots of questions.


The students were surprised to hear that Chef Eric uses different colored carrots in his cooking (purple carrots!), that he started learning to cook when he was only 6 years old, and that he has written two cookbooks.… Visit the author's original post

Kindergarten Plays “Who is Mr. Turkey?” via Skype

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Mrs. Conklin’s kindergarten students here at the South Elementary School used Skype to play “Who is Mr. Turkey” with kindergarten students in Mrs. Wierbowski’s class at the Wallenpaupack North Primary School.  The premise of the game was that Mr. Turkey has disguised himself in order to escape being eaten for Thanksgiving.

Both classes chose a profession for Mr. Turkey before the call.  Once the call started, each class took a turn asking the other a yes/no question to try and figure out what Mr.… Visit the author's original post