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A blog leads to big change for students and innovative educator Ross McGill

Ross McGill, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, started blogging about his experiences as a teacher back in 2008. Fast-forward to today and you’ll see his blog, Teacher Toolkit, has been voted the #1 education blog in the U.K. and ranks as one of the world’s top-50 Ed Tech Brands in Education. He and his writers use the platform to inform and train people around the world, helping them improve the school system today and place technology at the forefront of learning.… Visit the author's original post

3 Transformational Learning Activities

Often we hear about how technology is going to transform education. The world isn't the same as it used to be. Information is no longer expensive or difficult to obtain, so it makes sense that we should be helping learners develop ways to use and create knowledge rather than memorize it. Now that the entirety of human knowledge fits into one's pocket, it's time to prepare students for a world in which they will be expected to innovate, create, and solve complex problems.… Visit the author's original post

Tammy Dunbar: Can I Sway You to Blog?

by Tammy Dunbar
Expert Educator Columnist, USA

teachergeekOutdoor School (aka Science Camp) is an amazing experience for students in the fifth and sixth grades: hiking along redwood trails with banana slugs or tide pools with colorful sea anemones, learning about precious ecosystems, practicing teamwork in cabin groups and singing joyful campfire songs for five whole days.

But the hardest part about convincing parents their students should participate in this incredible life-changing experience is the fact their students are gone for five whole days.… Visit the author's original post

5th Graders Travel Virtually to the Bahamas to Learn about Sharks

Recently our 5th grade students were researching current events and came across an article about a shark attack in Florida. Many of them had a very negative view of sharks after reading the article. Today, those students took a virtual field trip via Skype to the Bahamas to talk with Jillian Morris, a marine biologist with Sharks4Kids to hear the other side of that story.

Jillian showed lots of pictures and talked about her job working with sharks. She explained how important sharks were to the ocean ecosystem, and that 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year.… Visit the author's original post

A Few Nontraditional Tips For Starting Your Own Blogging Journey

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4 1/2 years.  That’s how long I have been spreading my random thoughts on the internet.  What started out as a way for me to simply get things out of my mind, has grown to be an integral part of me.  I never knew I would be a blogger.  With that title comes many things; access to a vast network of people who know so much more than me, heartfelt discussions, emotional reflection, and even the occasional kick in the stomach when someone goes to the dark side on one of my posts.  … Visit the author's original post

4th Grade Travels to the Bahamas to learn about Sharks

Our 4th grade students recently took a virtual field trip to Bimini Cay in the Bahamas to learn about sharks.  Jillian Morris, who works to spread awareness of the importance of sharks to our ocean ecosystems, shared pictures of her work (even some from under the ocean), and explained how sharks are often misunderstood by humans.  Our students were shocked to hear that humans kill over 100 million sharks every year.  You can see a slideshow of pictures from the call below.… Visit the author's original post

Hover over Words to Get the Meaning for Blogger and WordPress

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I'm working on a blogging project with my first-year high school students. During this experience, there are a lot of things that I have to learn. As a sharing fan, I decided to write a series of posts to document every skill I acquired and every tool I explored to accomplish the aims of this project and meet my students' needs. Among many things that my students need is a way to find the meaning of the new words that they encounter in the required tasks.
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