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Education Technology: ‘Blended Learning, the best of both’ by Natalie Burgess

During my time in the classroom, I was so excited to get started using technology with my Primary 3 pupils. However, things in education aren't always as easy as it seems. I didn't work in a school where the children had 1:1 devices at all times, not all of my teachers were confident in technology and sometimes I just didn't know where to start. So how did I manage to create a Blended Learning Environment in my classroom with minimal tech?… Visit the author's original post

Setting up a Classroom Website Using Office 365 Sites

One of the goals listed in my Annual Learning Plan is to establish a classroom website using Office 365 Sites.

Annual Learning Plan

My vision focuses on providing a blended learning solution using a variety of digital tools instead of focusing on a primary tool as in the past. This shift in strategy will help support my Bring Your Own Device strategy in the classroom.

So how can I make my vision a reality?

The strategy moving forward is to utilize a variety of cloud based learning tools (e.g.… Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers: Using Lync to Enable Blended Learning

by Koen Timmers
Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium

Fourteen years ago, I started my lesson by searching for chalk. Nowadays, I sip on my coffee and play a short fragment of Jimi Hendrix. Welcome to the world of distance learning! My school started a blended learning project, more than 5 years ago. My students are attending 50% of their lessons in the classroom and the rest at home. This miracle is enabled by some tools.

Never heard of Lync? Microsoft Lync is a web conferencing tool which allows people to set up meetings, online workshops and even distance learning.… Visit the author's original post