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Auto-Grading an Office365 Excel Survey Assessment

So it's pretty common that folks use Google Forms to create an automatically graded assessment.  Now, I have to admit, as a mathematics teacher I don't do a lot of fixed-response assessments like this that need automatic grading.  But that doesn't mean it isn't a useful option.

In fact this post arises not from automatic grading but rather a situation in our Psychology course.  The teachers were doing a study with their students and wanted to collect the data easily and run a T-Test with as little work as possible.Visit the author's original post

Stopping exam cheating – plagiarism checking is not enough

I read in today’s Sydney Morning Herald the continuing story of universities in Australia fighting a constant battle with cheats in exams and assessments. Today’s story reveals that there’s not just a problem with plagiarism in essays, but also students paying impersonators to sit their exams for them:


University students are increasingly paying impersonators to sit their exams or smuggling in technology to help them cheat, while other students cannot be trusted to sit in sloping auditoriums because of their willingness to copy answers in multiple choice tests, a new report reveals.

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What About the “P” In Your B.Y.O.D.?


The final quarter of last year, our classroom was a limited B.Y.O.D. zone, meaning yes, bring your own device but check it at the door unless we had a purpose for it.  I instituted this because I felt we were getting distracted, myself included, we were having a hard time resisting the instant temptations that our smartphones seem to provide for us.  So we left them out of the room and the students were just fine with it.  I was too.  … Visit the author's original post

So It Turns Out I Am a Terrible Teacher

It turns out I owe everyone an apology.  Or at least a great big “I am sorry” to all of the people who have ever been inspired by this blog to change the way they teach.  It turns out I don’t know what I am doing, at least not if you look at our test scores.  You see, my students took our district standardized test, the one they take three times a year, and it turns out that at least for some all of my crazy ideas have apparently ruined their English skills.  … Visit the author's original post

OneNote and assessment for learning

The purpose of my action study project (Master) was to contribute to the development of ICT based formative assessment, by utilizing OneNote for documentation and feedback at a Vg2 class in a vocational high school. The study was conducted in Vocational Specialization subject (Prosjekt til fordypning), and has the following overarching research question: What are the possibilities of using OneNote as a tool for assessment for learning? The national initiative Assessment for Learning (2010-2014) aims to develop teachers' assessment practices through increased knowledge and understanding of assessment, as a tool for learning (Utdanningsdirektoratet, 2011).… Visit the author's original post

Awesome App for Assessment and Marking


Being on summer holidays and travelling has made me even more aware of my need to work smarter and more efficiently, mainly so I can spend more time travelling and less time thinking about work. Travelling in countries that don’t speak English can make things quite difficult. Two Windows Phone apps that have been a real luxury have been the Microsoft Translator app, and Here Maps. Relying so heavily on these apps gave me the motivation to explore the Windows Store to look for apps that may be just as awesome in the classroom.… Visit the author's original post

“What Are You Proud Of?” – Using Letter Grades For Good

I was exhausted to say the least.  Voice raw, thoughts muddled, and a lead brain.  I felt like I had worked days without sleep as I dragged myself home.  All day Thursday, I conferred with almost all of my students.  100+ kids and I sat down, one on one, and spoke about scores, grades,  goals, growth and most importantly what they are proud of.  And I was exhausted.

I hadn’t intended to have a day of conferring.  I had thought we would have a read-in party, I would hand them back their grade slips with my grades for them, the ones they had first decided and I then had added my input to.  … Visit the author's original post