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Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton Reads His New Book to Our 1st Grade Students


The first grade students in Mrs. Wyckoff’s and Mrs. Rickert’s homerooms got a special treat yesterday.  LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow called us via Skype to read his new book “The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm” and to talk to our students about ways they can deal with being sad.

In preparation for the call our students created animal masks to wear and made posters sharing some things they do to feel better when they are sad or scared.  The animal masks were meant to represent some of the animal friends in the book that helped the protagonist feel better.… Visit the author's original post

Kindergarteners Travel to Kenya via Skype to Learn about Gardening

As a continuation of the South Elementary Farm-to-Table project that has been going on this year (below is a picture of the green earth that Mrs. Conklin and our students created as part of that project), our kindergarten students took a virtual field trip via Skype to the Mitahato Teaching Farm in Kiambu, Kenya to learn about sustainable farming. The Mitahato Farm is a location where rural Kenyan communities and schools can come to learn how to use their land to produce organic food.… Visit the author's original post

2nd Graders Learn about “Unhuggable” Animals on Virtual Field Trip to North Carolina

Our second grade students had the opportunity to travel to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences yesterday to meet some “unhuggable” animals.  Kaytee, a biologist at the museum taught them about adaptations that the animals have to survive, answered lots of questions, and taught students some of the ways that these animals are misunderstood.  Kids got the chance to see a live tarantula, snake, baby alligator, hedgehog, and a group of hissing cockroaches from Madagascar.  We were able to set this experience up through the Skype in the Classroom website.… Visit the author's original post

Kindergarteners Interact with a Live Penguin via Skype

Our Kindergarten classes were fortunate enough to Skype and visit with Talya Hanor at the SANCCOB disease and research center for injured sea birds.   The foundation is located in South Africa and many of the birds at the research center are penguins who need medical care.
We enjoyed  listening to a story about a Penguin who had been hurt and then also met a “live” Penguin named Skipper.  He warmed ours hearts with his purring and longing for affection from Talya. … Visit the author's original post

5th Graders Travel Virtually to the Bahamas to Learn about Sharks

Recently our 5th grade students were researching current events and came across an article about a shark attack in Florida. Many of them had a very negative view of sharks after reading the article. Today, those students took a virtual field trip via Skype to the Bahamas to talk with Jillian Morris, a marine biologist with Sharks4Kids to hear the other side of that story.

Jillian showed lots of pictures and talked about her job working with sharks. She explained how important sharks were to the ocean ecosystem, and that 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year.… Visit the author's original post

2nd Grade Kidwish & Mystery Animal Skype

Many of our classes participated in the Kidwish Project this year. As part of the project, students sent holiday cards to a partner class in a different location.  In the cards they listed their wishes for a better world in 2015 and one action they would take to make those wishes come true.  In January, the classes are connecting via Skype to meet their partners.

Mrs. Flynn’s class had their connection call yesterday and decided to play a game of Mystery Animal Skype with their new friends in Fort Worth, Texas.  … Visit the author's original post

Virtual Field Trip Back in Time

Our first grade class took a virtual field trip to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument today as part of their learning about fossils.  Students had studied and read about dinosaur fossils in reading class and wanted to know more about how fossils were found and what other types of fossils there were.

The call started with a game of “Mystery Skype” in which our first grade students used yes/no questions to guess the state in which our hosts, Rangers Lil and AJ, were located.  … Visit the author's original post

5th Grade Virtual Field Trip to South Africa

As part of their quest to learn about global cultures and world geography, our 5th grade students recently took a virtual field trip to SANCCOB in South Africa to learn about penguins.  Talya, one of the education specialists at the South African seabird rehabilitation facility, took us on a tour of the center and described the jobs that are performed there.  She also showed many pictures of penguins, other seabirds, and special rooms used in the process of protecting seabirds using Skype’s screenshare feature.… Visit the author's original post

1st Grade Visit to the PA State Police Academy

Our first grade students have really been enjoying their learning about animals.  Last week they took a virtual field trip to Busch Gardens to talk to a pair of veterinarians.  Right now they are in the process of creating an iBook using their class iPad to show what they learned.

This week,  Mrs. Wyckoff’s and Mrs. Rickert’s classes took a virtual trip using Skype to Hershey, Pennsylvania where the Pennsylvania State Police Academy is located.  They got a tour of mounted unit’s stables and got to meet some of the horses. … Visit the author's original post

1st Grade Skype Call with Busch Gardens Veterinarians

Our first graders have been reading about veterinarians and wanted to know more about what they do.  Some of the vets at Busch Gardens in Tampa were kind enough to spend some of their time telling us about their jobs and answering our questions.  They also invited us to watch “Wildlife Docs”, which is a show for kids on ABC on Saturday mornings which shows some of the Busch Gardens animal doctors in action.


 … Visit the author's original post

2nd Grade Mystery Skype with Arizona

Next week our 2nd grade students will be learning about the desert.  Today we played mystery Skype with a class in Arizona and learned a bit about the desert.

Before the call neither class knew where the other was located.  Each class took turns asking yes/no questions to the other to try and figure out the locations.  When both classes were finished, Mrs. Mensing’s students shared some facts about Arizona with us including the climate (it’s really hot and dry there – especially during the summer), geography (they’ve got lots of mountains around), and animals (snakes, Gila Monsters, and javelinas!) We finished the call with a Q&A session where both sets of students were able to ask questions of the other.… Visit the author's original post

A Visit to the Night Zoo

Our 3rd grade students went on a virtual field trip to the Night Zoo this morning.  The Night Zoo has amazing creatures like Giraffe Spies, Time-Traveling Elephants, and Orange Horses that have traffic cones and umbrellas.  Students wanted to know where this Night Zoo was located, but Paul, one of the night zookeepers, told us that the location had to remain secret to protect the animals.  You can visit the Night Zoo by going to its website:  Below are some pictures and a video from our call.… Visit the author's original post