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World Read Aloud Day Skypathon

March 4th was World Read Aloud Day. To celebrate, several South Elementary classes participated in a World Read Aloud Day Skypathon in which they were partnered with classes from around the world to read picture books. Classes connected via Skype or sent videos reading their favorite picture book to their partner class, and then took a turn listening to a story from their new friends.

Mrs. Conklin’s Kindergarten class was partnered with a class in Alabama, Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten class Skyped with a class in Maine, Mrs.… Visit the author's original post

Our Skype with a Vulcanologist

After rescheduling several times due to snow days, a group of third grade students finally got to Skype with a geologist who specializes in studying volcanoes. Also known as a vulcanologist, Brian Balta from the University of Pittsburgh answered all the questions our students had about volcanoes. The students loved seeing the pictures and videos of volcanoes, lava, and the destruction they can leave behind. Brian even showed them a piece of volcanic rock that came from Mars.

Below is a video the students made to thank Brian for sharing his time, knowledge and videos with us.… Visit the author's original post

Virtual Field Trip to Yellowstone to Learn about Volcanoes

Our 3rd grade students have been learning about volcanoes recently.  Despite their research, there were questions they had that were not being answered by their books.  In order to help them, Ranger Christeal took them on a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Mrs. Flynn’s 2nd grade class decided to join us for the Skype call too because volcanoes are really cool.

Ranger Christeal explained about the Yellowstone Supervolcano and all of the features that make the park unique.  She showed us pictures of mudpots, geysers, hot springs, and scientific maps of the magma beneath the park.  … Visit the author's original post

A Visit to the Night Zoo

Our 3rd grade students went on a virtual field trip to the Night Zoo this morning.  The Night Zoo has amazing creatures like Giraffe Spies, Time-Traveling Elephants, and Orange Horses that have traffic cones and umbrellas.  Students wanted to know where this Night Zoo was located, but Paul, one of the night zookeepers, told us that the location had to remain secret to protect the animals.  You can visit the Night Zoo by going to its website:  Below are some pictures and a video from our call.… Visit the author's original post