David Walsh

David Walsh

David Walsh is a teacher and ICT Coordinator at the Ratoath College Secondary School in Ireland: "I believe that teaching is a privilege and I enjoy working with young people. I love having the opportunity to provide positive learning expierences for my students and I am especially inspired by the opportunities afforded by the use of technology in teaching and learning. I hope to share my passion for the use of technology to enhance students learning experiences."

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How I’m using OneNote for ebooks

Have you ever lamented the poor quality of e-books being touted to us and our students in Ireland?  Ever wondered why other countries seem to have better e-books than we do? Ever wondered why great Irish companies like Learnosity do most of their work abroad?
I’ve really grown tired of those pdf style, yet Rolls Royce priced, e-books  being touted by our Irish publishers.  Irish publishers need to realise that, unless they can come up with some sort of seismic change, their best days are well and truly behind them. Visit the author's original post

It’s all about the team

Synergy is a real benefit from working together

I’m blogging about group-work again! My thoughts on this seem to constantly evolve and update themselves, so here is a few lines of thought from my current thinking…

Group-work/teamwork/peer-to-peer coaching. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. The point is that working collaboratively is supposed to bring about a synergy that cannot be achieved using the traditional chalk & talk teaching and learning. Group-work is a great buzz word in these days of 21st century skills promotion, but what makes real authentic and successful group-work?… Visit the author's original post

Keep taking those tablets

It’s been a while so I though I’d better blog and what better topic than to muse about than 1:1 deployment. First of all, I am not going to compare and contrast the various device options available as I am firmly of the belief that the device doesn’t actually really (or at the very least shouldn’t actually) matter. I am going to think about it in terms of how we need to employ devices to enhance our teaching and learning strategies and how they can be used to better engage students in their learning experiences.… Visit the author's original post