Koen Timmers

Koen Timmers

Koen Timmers teaches computer science, and more specifically, web design at CVO Heusden-Zolder in Belgium: "Since the moment I became a teacher, in 2000, I’ve been passionate about e-learning. I founded my own educational website www.zelfstudie.be, on which digital courseware is published. I completed an additional master course “Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change” at Sheffield University, in 2014. I always try to find new approaches in which ICT is used to increase the motivation of my students. I try to be innovative by implementing blended and distance learning, screen casts, social media in my class room. I strive to a paperless classroom and embrace project based learning. OneDrive, Office and Lync spice up my lessons. It will be my pleasure to share thoughts and approaches with you.”

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Koen Timmers and Angeles Soriano: Breaking Language Barriers via Skype Translator

by Koen Timmers and Angeles Soriano
Expert Educator Columnists, Belgium and Spain

14:30. Angels just finished her lessons in a sunny Spain. Koen is teaching his class remote in a cloudy Belgium.

Both are meeting up using Skype to collaborate on a column. Except… for this time they are speaking in their own language. Skype Translator is translating their words on the fly. After using this cutting edge tool, both educators are really excited. A wonderful experience.

Let’s move to Belgium.… Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers: Striving to a Paperless Classroom

by Koen Timmers
Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium

I strive to a paperless classroom. My students don’t receive any printed textbooks when a new school year takes off. Apart from the ecological reason, printed textbooks would be outdated from the beginning, as I offer project based learning. That’s why I decided 5 years ago to create my courseware while I teach.

OneNote is the tool that enables all this content creation. My students get 30 minutes of introduction how to install and use OneNote.… Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers: Using Lync to Enable Blended Learning

by Koen Timmers
Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium

Fourteen years ago, I started my lesson by searching for chalk. Nowadays, I sip on my coffee and play a short fragment of Jimi Hendrix. Welcome to the world of distance learning! My school started a blended learning project, more than 5 years ago. My students are attending 50% of their lessons in the classroom and the rest at home. This miracle is enabled by some tools.

Never heard of Lync? Microsoft Lync is a web conferencing tool which allows people to set up meetings, online workshops and even distance learning.… Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers: Office Sway- Create, Present, and Share

by Koen Timmers
Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium

Sway and I, it was love at first sight. As a teacher, I saw educational opportunities and as a web designer, I instantly loved its ease of use. Sway offers the opportunity to create trendy onepagers in the blink of an eye. The attractive user-interface ensures a fast result. Sway is a webapp; this means you don’t need to install software, don’t need to constantly hit save, yet still have access to your sways at all places.… Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers 

Computer Science Teacher

CVOhz Belgium

Last year I attended the Global Forum in Barcelona. I'm passionate about e-learning and like to implement tools into my lessons to spice them up, to allow new approaches and to entertain my students. I think we all need to focus on learning, rather than teaching.

Why don't you take a look at my columns at http://microsoftedu.wordpress.com/tag/koen-timmers/

My favorite tools are Lync, Sway and OneDrive.

My website: http://www.zelfstudie.be.Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers- Beware! Courseware in the Cloud!

by Koen Timmers Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium As I teach web design, students need to have the right images and pieces of code to create a webpage. At first, I shared these files on our school’s intranet (network?), which of course can’t be accessed by students who weren’t able to attend my class. The implementation of cloud services seemed to overcome this problem. OneDrive (formerly know as SkyDrive) solved my problem: all students, including ill, were able to access the needed document and assignments.… Visit the author's original post

“My personal opinion is that a teacher is a pedagogical engineer who needs to apply the best learning theory to a specific situation” – Koen Timmers, Belgium

I feel very lucky to be able to combine two of my passions in my classroom: teaching and using technology. Every time a new technology is introduced I’m stunned and eager to test this app, device or tool and write … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers: From User to Creator, Introducing My App EduLync

by Koen Timmers MIE Expert, Belgium For 14 years I’ve been teaching ICT (web design) at CVO Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Since the beginning, I’ve been passionate about e-learning and decided to post all courseware and tutorials on my own website zelfstudie.be. Today, more than 18,000 members have access to nearly 9000 pages of courseware and external authors are publishing their own courseware to the public at large; it’s a digital educational library which is growing each day.   Using tools in my lessons offers new opportunities (distance learning), increases my students’ motivation, spices up my lessons, and allows more opportunities for collaboration.… Visit the author's original post