Ahmad Syairozi

Ahmad Syairozi

Ahmad Syairozi is a Mathematics Teacher in Al Hikmah Junior High School of Surabaya, Indonesia: "Being a teacher isn't only to transfer knowledge and skill but also to be an inspiring one for our students to do better and more useful things in their life. So, they are not only expected to be smart in academic but also good in attitude. Through the technology based learning, it will come true faster than what we hope."

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My Big Dream For Education in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that will have a surplus of demographics. The number of productive human resources is very abundant. It is about 59% of the 250 million inhabitants and dominated by the Z generation.

The Z generation or the internet generation are those who was born and raised in the digital era, with a variety of complete and sophisticated technology, such as computer or laptop, mobile phones, iPad, PDA, MP3 player, BBM, internet, and various other electronic devices. The Z generation has already known and been familiar with a variety of sophisticated gadgets since they were childhood.… Visit the author's original post

How to Make an Interactive Presentation With Sway

Sebelumnya telah kita bahas mengenai bagaimana cara membuat presentasi di Sway Nah kali ini kita akan belajar lagi tentang SWAY.

Sway adalah aplikasi berbasis web yang dapat kita gunakan untuk membuat presentasi yang sangat menarik. Kelebihannya adalah cara pembuatannya sangat mudah dan cepat. Kita tidak lagi memikirkan animasi seperti layaknya di powerpoint, karena animasi dan desain sudah otomatis di-mix oleh Sway sendiri.

Nah, kelemahannya adalah kita tidak bisa bebas berkreasi seperti di powerpoint. Di dalam powerpoint kita bisa membuat presentasi kita lebih interaktif, sehingga audiens atau siswa kita lebih tertarik.… Visit the author's original post

Tutorial Membuat Presentasi di Microsoft SWAY

Sway merupakan terobosan baru dari Microsoft yang mulai rilis sekitar tahun 2014. Sway bukanlah software yang harus diinstal pada PC atau Laptop tetapi merupakan aplikasi yang berbasis web. Aplikasi gratis ini  membantu mengumpulkan, memformat, dan berbagi ide, cerita, dan presentasi kita di kanvas interaktif berbasis web yang terlihat menarik hampir di layar apa pun. Kita bisa membuat Sway baru dengan mudah dengan menambahkan teks, gambar, dokumen, video, bagan, atau tipe konten lain, dan Sway akan membuatnya terlihat bagus hanya dengan beberapa langkah mudah.… Visit the author's original post

Workshop Ms. Onenote in Al Hikmah School

It’s a pride for me to be a part of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) 2015. There are lots of things I can get to apply in teaching activity letter. I have many new friends to involve in discussions and collaborate either from my country or overseas.  There are many opportunities for giving workshop to other teachers and schools so that I also have chance to give contribution to develop better education. If I am not a part of MIEE 2015, it will be hard to involve in the discussion and collaboration with overseas teachers.
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Ahmad Syairozi: Let’s Find the Fun of Pi!

by Ahmad Syairozi
Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia

Pi is an irrational number, which is worth 3.14159 … Pi has a very long history, ranging from century BC until now many scientists are researching about Pi. One of them is Archimedes (287-212 BC), allegedly, when the Roman army would kill him, he is engrossed in solving math problems by doodling on the ground. He did not run but instead told the Roman army “do not disturb my circles!” Suppose he used to use OneNote sure we can know the question as to what he was thinking at the time.… Visit the author's original post

Making an Interactive Quiz With Scoring by Ms. PowerPoint

One of the ways to make our learning more interesting is to create an interactive quiz. It should have scoring features directly. we will make it by using Microsoft PowerPoint very easily. Microsoft PowerPoint has a feature VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming. But don't worry, the programming language we use is quite easy and simple. Consider the following steps!

Open Microsoft Powerpoint and make a cover

The first Slide: Cover

Make Macro (Visual Basic).

To make an interactive evaluation using VBA macros, we will create three macros: Right, Wrong, and Score.… Visit the author's original post