OneNote Apps

Yesterday Microsoft released an updated OneNote Class App This has raised some confusion and I have had a few queries around it.

Therefore I have used the PowerPoint 2013 addin to do a screen recording and exported as this video.

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During the Hackday

Only a couple days left till the first hackday…………I am very excited to say the least. Had a couple of people asking what they need to bring.


I would say a Laptop and perhaps a headset is all you need on top of your subject knowledge, energy and professionalism.

The plan for the day is arrive from 9.30 am at Microsoft’s Edinburgh Office. We have arranged for some Bacon rolls as a welcome. I will do an introduction.

Then its up to those who are in the space.… Visit the author's original post

Hackday Sign Up so far





The subjects being covered at the moment and the Number of teachers working on these are;

  • 3 Working on Engineering Science
  • 1 Working on Geography
  • 3 Working on Physics
  • 1 Working on Chemistry
  • 3 Working on Business Management/ Admin and IT
  • 3 Working on Design and Manufacture
  • 1 Working on Graphic Communications
  • 1 Working on English and media
  • 1 Working on Biology

can you support your colleagues? Do you have resources you can provide? Can you help develop NoteBooks beyond the day itself?… Visit the author's original post

Hack Day Questions

So we have a space, we have some people, we have a vision.

A couple of questions have been asked;

“Can I get involved even if I can’t make it on the day?”

Ideally, as many people as possible will be there on the day. Kicking things off face to face but having lived on Islay for 12 years, I realise that is not always possible.

So if you wish to Join in Virtually you may do so. The best way of doing this (I think) is having the notebooks and tasks to be done for each notebook online via a site and to use lync for each of the hack groups on the day.… Visit the author's original post

Hack Day 2

2015 has started.

Work clothes are little tighter.

What are your resolutions? I have stopped making these as it just makes me feel like a failure when I don’t achieve them. Maybe I am not focused enough or maybe my resolutions are too focused?

So instead of small I am going big.

My plan is to get people sharing the workload.

Small statement with lots in it.

In schools people are busy creating amazing stuff that they think;

– only for my classes in my way;
– is not good enough to share;
– not sure what the copyright rules are

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OneNote as a Multimedia Textbook

I am looking to develop ‘textbooks’ for all Scottish National Exams. These ‘textbooks’ will be multimedia textbooks. Not only available only on the web but available to use on any device be it Apple, Microsoft or Google Android.

The tool I have chosen to do this in the OneNote Programme. Access to this his is now widely available via a glow login or as stand alone application at 

Have a look at this short video to get an understanding of the process of creating the multimedia textbooks.… Visit the author's original post