Sukmawati Salamah

Sukmawati Salamah

Sukmawati is an English teacher in SMP Negeri 230 Jakarta, Indonesia: "If we dedicate ourselves being a teacher it means we should always learn to improve or strengten our knowledge and skills. Here I want to share ideas and I need your comment too."

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Sukmawati Rahmad: Microsoft Mouse Mischief- How to Use and Tips

by Sukmawati Rahmad
Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia

sukmawati-pictureHave you ever confused asking students who love playing game to learn? In this digital century, children get used to interact with many gadgets but many of them cannot use the gadgets properly. They get cultural shocked. They use them mostly for playing games even when they are in classroom. They always wait for any opportunities using their gadget for playing than studying. So perhaps the following article can inspire you how to prepare a learning process in this situation.… Visit the author's original post

Sukmawati Rahmad: Project Based Learning- Evaluation and Improvement

by Sukmawati Rahmad Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Many teachers are still confused conducting Project Based Learning (PBL) in class. Many questions are asked? What is PBL? What materials or core competencies can run PBL? What should be prepared for running PBL? Is the time enough for running PBL in school? How do students get involved in PBL? What activities are in PBL? Actually, those questions had been my questions before I tried PBL myself. I applied PBL for the first time just by following my understanding.  … Visit the author's original post

Giving Instruction game: Evaluation and Improvement

"Giving Instruction" Game: Evaluation and Improvement 
One day I taught "Instruction" to my 8th grade class ( 13-14 years old) and used games for the strategy. I also wanted to teach my students to work collaboratively; to lead and to listen in English. After giving the objective of the lesson that day, I gave some examples of instruction sentences (Most of them did not know how to say and construct the sentences). Then, we went to the school field and started to play the game.Visit the author's original post