Touch Develop + Skype + OneNote = SAMR Redefinition

Learning to code with Touch Develop is a great way to introduce students to computational thinking and computer programming. Accessing the Touch Develop Web App makes it easy for students to create touch apps and games in minutes. It's exciting to have access to free tools such as Touch Develop to help students learn this valuable industry skill but as a teacher designing learning I need to capture thinking, monitor my student's progress and now, more than ever before, I am accountable for recording and evidencing student learning.Visit the author's original post

Office Mix and Flipped Learning

Everyone is talking about the Flipped Classroom Model (or Blended Learning) for teaching and learning. There is a real opportunity here to use technology to flip learning on its head. Students spending independent time at home absorbing and interacting with the prior-learning concepts means that they can access time in the classroom for problem solving, applying concepts and developing deeper understandings through collaborating with their teachers and peers.

I've started to use the new 'add-in' for PowerPoint called Office Mix.
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OneNote: Helping students stay organised this new school year

The start of the school year is the best time to set routines and help your students become more self-regulated and organised learners. OneNote is a digital version of the ye olde leaver arch folder. Similar to the leaver arch folder, OneNote uses a tab based filing system to structure and organise workflow but with a few more functional features than just loose leaf paper. Setting up a new OneNote is just as exciting (for me anyway) as hitting my nearest Officeworks store to get organised with new stationary for the year.Visit the author's original post

Apps for Creating: The Socially Connected Classroom

You would be hard pressed to find a secondary school student today without a device in their pocket, connect to the world’s knowledge with a handful of apps keeping them socially connected. It might seem strange to preceding generations that students of today have up to a 1000 friends online and it’s considered normal.

Last week was Digital Citizenship week and it got me thinking about how I integrate digital competencies into my teaching. We know that general ICT capabilities are now something we should be embedding throughout many curriculum areas, but how do we squeeze in opportunities for students to develop the necessary skills to be safe and responsible users of technology when the curriculum is already chockers?

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Technology in the Classroom: Building Teacher Capacity

Technology is getting in the way of learning!

Let's stop pretending that all of this technology in the classroom has been brilliant for education. Pretty hard hitting stuff for my first blog but let's tackle the big pink elephant in the room head on. Over the last 2 years I have been hosting professional learning in schools all over the country to support teachers in designing innovative curriculum and integrating technology in the classroom. Everywhere I go I have seen technology in the classroom totally ruin learning, squash student curiosity and kill staff confidence.… Visit the author's original post