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Marija Petreska: I Explain iXplain

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

I’ll be starting my fav Windows 8 apps blog posts series and this Friday is reserved for iXplain.

iXplain is the simplest and best video creation tool I have come across. It is a screen recording tool that is just imagined for teachers. You can record lessons and presentations in a minute and create videos.

There are two video creating options the first one is quick recording where you can record your voice and drawing.

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Marija Petreska: Pinteresting Ideas, Part 1

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

I have a Pinterest Board of my favourite Windows 8 apps that I’ll be writing about in my next columns but I could not start sharing without first introducing my Pinterest lesson ideas. So this is one of three columns on using Pinterest in an English language classroom. Here you can find a Pinterest board of very pintersting articles that have inspired most of my ideas.
Today’s column is on creating a All About Me Pinterest Boards.

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Marija Petreska: Last Minute Microsoft Love

 by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

I know it is the very last minute for Valentine’s Day classroom tips and ideas, but Friday is always reserved for me and I could not but share my love for Microsoft. Shall we start! I’ll go by favorites, so my first activity will naturally be of PowerPoint. Sorry OneNote and Office Mix you can never beat first love.

1. PowerPoint
It is more than obvious that I’ll suggest creating Valentine’s cards in PowerPoint but not so obvious what to do with them.… Visit the author's original post

Marija Petreska: The Art of Powerpoint

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

I bet you have never thought of PowerPoint as a canvas for art work. Nor have we. It was an innocent play with the shapes and colors in PowerPoint that led us to a whole new discovery. We could create our own infographics with handmade clip art and background paper in PowerPoint with the shapes and edit options and the colors. It turned out to be so fun that we now have over ten handmade interactive infographics and at least four more not yet published.… Visit the author's original post

Marija Petreska: Flipboard in the Classroom

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

Last weekend a tech geek had a birthday and what does one get a geek for a birthday but a geeky cake. His favorite app was Flipboard and somewhere in the middle of the discussion with the baker when a choice had to be made whether it should be a red base with white letters or a white base with red square on,  it dawned to me that I can think of at least half a dozen ways how to use Flipboard in the classroom.… Visit the author's original post

Teacher Marija: Mix a Tube and Sway It!

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

Another Sway feature I simply adore alongside with Swaying tweets is Swaying YouTube videos. And I devote this blog post on tips and ideas how to mix some video lessons and sway them.

1. Lip Sync

There are a few short animated fims that I’ve been dying to share and just thought of how to create lesson plans with them. I’ll start with with Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.

Not a very pleasant bedtime story, right?… Visit the author's original post

The Big Question

A year ago I did an interview for an online portal Cultus and one of the questions was what I thought education would look like in ten years (find the interview here) I tried to capture all my ideas in a graphic

Education in 2025 connected, global, all about flipped classrooms, flipped teachers and schools, something with Sir Ken Robinson's idea of merging science and art, all about leaving digital footprints..... And the little cloud in the upper right corner was for Sugata Mitra's School in the Cloud.
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Marija Petreska: Swaying Tweets

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Republic of Macedonia

So that your classroom is fully twitterized and your tweets are Swayed into a story, make sure all your students create twitter accounts. Be careful twitter is not for students under 13, so I suggest informing parents and school authorities before you start and an official consent on both sides is advisable.

I’m an English language teacher so my ideas will go in that direction, but I’m sure you can all find something interesting, or that my ideas might grow into new ones you can use.… Visit the author's original post

Marija Petreska- Introducing My Column!

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

My column will be all about sharing tips, ideas and examples of how we use Windows 8 apps in our classroom. You are about to taste an amazing story of how I transformed a tech free classroom games into tech spiced activities. Just to make it clearer I’ll give you a sniff of what it will smell like :)

Have you ever done a miming game? It’s super fun, right? But haven’t you been in a situation where a student keeps on miming and no one can guess what he is doing?… Visit the author's original post

Building Vocabulary

The very first thing I ask my students to do is buy a large hard cover notebook that they will use as a vocabulary journal. We used to have a word wall, and we've had sticky notes around the classroom. And when it comes to flashcards we can be very creative. But now I'd rather they had a blog to a notebook, digital word walls to a washing line and QR codes for sticky notes.  Here are some ideas
One thing that students carry around with them at all times is their phone.
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Valentine’s Day

If you ask my students what are some of  the best tools that you can use to create a card, their first response would be Canva, Powtoon or Picmonkey and even Skitch. Last year we used some word clouds, I mean heart clouds like Word Hearts, Word Mosaic, Tagxedo and Tagul . An the latest tools we have used in our classroom are EDpuzzle, Record Voice and Pen and Unitag QR code generator so, they might choose to use them  and create unique Valentine's day cards.… Visit the author's original post

Present Continuous Fun

Here are some activities we have all used in an ESL classroom but re-imagined with technology

Aim: present continuous interrogative form
Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate
Time: 10-15 minutes
Preparation: You will need one android or iphone and Vine app
Create a Vine account, and share your profile (or your class profile, if you chose to create an account for classroom use only) with your students. Install for the noises.
Procedure: This is the original activity: one students needs to mime an activity in front of the class and keep on miming until the class guesses the activity by asking questions.
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All about me digital posters

All about Me posters are usually created at the beginning of the school year but I thought of  some creative activities that you can do on number of occasions. For example announcing the students of the month  with the Most Wanted Students poster, teaching past tenses with My Timeline poster, teaching body parts and physical characteristics with Missing Person Announcement poster or at the end of the school year and a lesson on summer vacation with My Passport poster.
Here are some tips and ideas how to create all of these digital All About Me posters :

My Passport
Aim: present simple, past simple, ing-form
Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
Time: 30-40 minutes 
Preparation: Make sure you have created a umapper account before the lesson.
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Present Simple Fun

Here are some popular warmers, fillers of follow-ups and some ideas how to make them more fun with technology.

A day in a life of...
Aim: simple present practice, third person singular
Level: all levels
Time: 20-30 minutes
Preparation: It's a good idea to make assign students to make accounts on the sites that you are going to use before the lesson not to waste any time on that during the lesson.
Ask the students about their favourite object.
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