035: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Todd Flory

In this episode I have the pleasure to chat with Todd Flory. Todd is a 4th grade teacher from Kansas. He is doing some amazing work in regards to global education. This was a fun episode as we explore the ins and outs of expanding your classroom beyond the four walls. This topic has been […]… Visit the author's original post

YEOT: Fall 2015 Lab 1 – Building Structures Design Challenge

The fall semester of Young Engineers of Today has officially kicked off. Students have started with webinars learning about bridge and structure designs and what goes into actually building various designs. Every two weeks we host a lab where students come to the classroom after school and they learn how to apply the knowledge and […]… Visit the author's original post

Game Based Learning: Is It Effective Classroom Instruction?

Game based learning is one method among many that will enhance the classroom learning environment by increasing motivation, increasing opportunities to develop a decision making process that forces analyzing and implementing solutions, and will allow these skills to transfer to other aspects of life. Game based teaching and learning can be quite effective if understood […]… Visit the author's original post