Mabore Lekalakala

Mabore Lekalakala

Mabore Lekalakala is permanently employed as a qualified educator at Toronto Primary School, Limpopo Province, South Africa: "Motivation always starts with self; I cannot motivate if I’m not motivated. Self-motivation is what drives me, hence I see teaching as an open entity. I see myself and learners as people in a journey. I am motivated and motivate learners to continue with the journey until the destination is reached. They should know what they want to achieve in life no matter the paths they travel, places they pass, challenges met, etc. I see these as small journeys within the long journey i.e. journey of journeys. Self-motivation is the weapon I would like my students to carry throughout their lives.

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Get Creative with Microsoft Free Tools and Dock to Desktop

 Big ideas start from innovative and small ideas. Innovative minds already know that using ICT to enhance learning is a critical path to take but as to where to start, others are still in the dark. In this blog you will learn from the very first webinar I conducted on the 12th of February 2015 about the “Creative use of Microsoft Free Tools" to kick start teaching with technology .

The free digital tools are accessible on Microsoft Educator Network under Resources tab.  Tutorials and guidelines in a form of videos and written explanations are available and come with each tool.… Visit the author's original post

Contextualised Games to learn Mathematics

In this project, learners created their own contextualized games after  multiplication lessons . As a starting point, all learners' games were accepted no matter how simple the Maths in it was. This encouraged learners to master content they wanted to create games on and that supported learning in a great way.

Outcomes of the project included among others improved focus, self esteem, improved attitude towards learning, interest in other concepts, participation in lessons and improved performance not only in Mathematics but in other subjects as well.… Visit the author's original post

Geogebra for Interactive Mathematics Learning

To demonstrate Mathematics to learners is sometimes a hectic process more especially for 2 digit numbers on-wards, fractions, etc.  With Geogebra, Mathematics teachers do not need to carry thousands and thousands of stones/bottle tops and to keep cutting objects to demonstrate the reality of Mathematics. Check out the Geogebra worksheets below. Try moving the black/red slider and see the numbers and how they increase and decrease.

Lekalakala Mabore – Maths and Computer Literacy Teacher – Toronto Primary School, Limpopo, SA

 I am very excited about the new MIE Expert 2015 career I have joined this year. As an inspired teacher and lifelong learner, I have been selected before as a finalist by different Teacher Award Competitions but MIE Expert 2015 is completely different , it is a transformation on its own. I develop myself professionally at my own space and pace through online courses (MOOC), I collaborate with other MIE Experts across the globe through social media including blogs, voice online meetings, to mention a few.… Visit the author's original post

Rounding off Numbers – my first sway

This rounding off Sway was created for both learners and educators. It will save Teachers and MIE Experts who choose to use it in their classrooms time during planning as they will simply modify it to suit their learner’s developmental levels, abilities and contexts. It could be used for lesson introduction, reinforcement of what was taught and revision prior to assessment. Learners could access and use it individually, in pairs or in group to master the rules and facts of rounding off.Visit the author's original post