Using an animated avatar to hook your students.

Voki is web tool which allows you to create a variety of animated avatars to engage and hook your students. You simply use the well designed templates provided and create your character/s. You can choose to either record your own voice or simply just type text into the template and have a computer generated voice read your text for you. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

I have only taken this for a quick test drive so far, however I am already very excited about what I will be able to create with Voki.… Visit the author's original post

Green Screen tips and tricks using Windows Movie Maker 6.0

It's not easy being green.....or blue!

I recently bought a green screen (chroma key) kit for my Drama classroom. It was a fantastic kit complete with lights and looks very impressive when set up. The students thought it was awesome and we quickly jumped feet first into trying out our new toy. Setting up the green screen was the easy part. Finding the perfect software to suit my students needs took a little time.  
As I have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on my laptop, this was the software I was initially interested in learning and using.Visit the author's original post