Mally Johnsen

Mally Johnsen

My name is Mally Johnsen, a Norwegian art and design teacher with experience from K1-12, and freetime artschool for kids. The last 15 years I have worked with 16-19 years old students. For about two years I worked as a school department leader, but I missed both teaching and learningmoments with my students. Technology has since 2006 been an important part of my teaching, the national curriculum, and an integral part of 1:1 PC adoptions in our schools. I finished my Masters Degree ("ICT in Learning") at Høgskolen i Stord/Haugesund in 2013. OneNote and assessment and for learning was the theme for my degree. Beside the specific technology for art and design, such as Adobe Photoshop, OneNote is my favourite technology tool.

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Redefining Learning Conference Oslo

December 3-4, I attended the Flagship Redefining Learning Conference co-hosted with Skjetten primary school and Nesøya school, Norway. Two inspiring days filled with inspiration from international teachers, school leaders, students, Microsoft Managements and Education Team, Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators and Finnish Ministry about technology and learning in the 21 century.
Microsoft Norway Education invited me to speak about the use of Surface and Pen in my design classes at Lister videregående skole. To speak public in a second language is a big challenge for me.Visit the author's original post

Office Mix til omvendt undervisning

Har testet ut litt bilderedigeringsmuligheter i Powerpoint og Word. Fikk en liten utfordring av Microsoft om å lage en 60 sekunders mix ("film fra Powerpoint") i forbindelse med muligheten til å reise på Educator Exchange 2015.
Vil du lære hvordan du enkelt kan redigere egne bilder med PowerPoint eller Word?
Se den korte introduksjonen: How to make art with your own pictures in Microsoft Office using PowerPoint or Word

Flipped Classroom

Nå er jeg endelig i gang med å produsere materiell til omvendt undervisning (Flipped classroom). Etter tidligere utprøvinger med ulike programmer for skjermopptak ble alt så mye enklere med Office Mix,- et tilleggsverktøy (add-in) til PowerPoint.
I finally started to produce material for Flipped classroom. After previously trials with various programs for screen recordings, everything was so much easier with Office Mix - an additional tool ( add-in ) to PowerPoint.
Mix om Aksonometri av Mally Johnsen
Jeg laget først en vanlig presentasjon med bilder og tekst, åpnet MIX og verktøyet Slide Recording.… Visit the author's original post

OneNote and assessment for learning

The purpose of my action study project (Master) was to contribute to the development of ICT based formative assessment, by utilizing OneNote for documentation and feedback at a Vg2 class in a vocational high school. The study was conducted in Vocational Specialization subject (Prosjekt til fordypning), and has the following overarching research question: What are the possibilities of using OneNote as a tool for assessment for learning? The national initiative Assessment for Learning (2010-2014) aims to develop teachers' assessment practices through increased knowledge and understanding of assessment, as a tool for learning (Utdanningsdirektoratet, 2011).… Visit the author's original post