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Light Speed

Image4 Finally it’s a reality; a reality that carries a side bar of lots and lots of “No’s”! Light speed broadband with no bottlenecks, no copper cables, no long download times, no live-streaming lags and no other nationwide roll out anywhere else in Europe!
Siro is now delivering a total fibre to building solution to a select few “beta-test” homes and businesses in Dundalk and several other towns, providing them with 1 Gigabit bandwidth, that’s 1,000 Mbps, yes, no typo, 1,000 Mbps, internet access.… Visit the author's original post

Using Quizizz for Assessment in the Primary Classroom

I recently came across a new online quiz tool “Quizizz” and quickly realised its potential as an online assessment tool for the primary classroom. Quizizz+1-pagerSimilar in ways to “Kahoot“, Quizizz provides realtime feedback to a teacher and their pupils as they engage with a series of questions on tablet devices, mobile phones, laptops or desktop PCs. Quizzes can be created from scratch or can be selected from a bank of quizzes created by other users of the website.… Visit the author's original post

Math Worksheet Generator

MEN logoThe Microsoft Educator Network has an ever-growing list of free resources and, at the start of a new academic school year, there’s nothing like having a collection of powerful educational tools gathered into one convenient online space.
icon Math Worksheet Generator is one of the many free downloads in the Educator Network and it is a great resource to have installed on a class desktop PC or laptop. Installation after downloading is straightforward and fast.
mathgeninstall Although the program itself takes up a very small footprint on the screen, it produces a wide variety of worksheets that can cater to the needs of pupils in both Primary and Post Primary classes.… Visit the author's original post

Saving to the Cloud for free

cloudAnytime, anywhere access to your files is an important feature of computing today. The days of carrying a USB stick from home to school with Lesson Plans, Notes and Schemes should be a thing of the past! Files accessed and modified on a computer or tablet in school can be accessed from home if the files are stored using one of the many cloud storage services that are available for free. Additional features of cloud storage mean that files can be easily shared and if stored across several providers then multiple copies can be securely kept in different places.… Visit the author's original post

Scratch for Tablet devices

Scratch 1.4 screen

Scratch 1.4 interface

Back in May of 2007 the first beta copy of Scratch, a programming language for children, was released. Scratch was a free application developed by MIT Media Labs and it was easier to use when compared to more traditional programming languages as it consisted of graphical blocks that could be dragged from a palette and dropped into place to create interactive stories, animations and games. In 2009 Scratch 1.4 made an appearance and it became the most used stable version until January 2013 when Scratch 2.0 was released in beta format.… Visit the author's original post

Writing using a Web 2.0 tool.

Cover imageBoomwriter is a web site hosting three areas that creative teachers can use across several curriculum subjects. The main feature of each distinct but inter-related area is a text entry / writing tool that students can use to create a piece of writing. Area 1 – “Story Starts” features several pages of starting paragraphs or story chapters broken into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced categories. While the Basic category would probably suit 6th class pupils, teachers can also upload their own story starters.… Visit the author's original post

Transmedia Storytelling


Jason Ohler is an enthusiastic proponent of Digital Storytelling and Literacy. In 2005 Jason spent some time in Cork as part of a program called “Stories of Culture and Place” in association with the University of Alasks’s Geography Program. He helped pupils create stories with original artwork and then edit them into a production using a green screen (Chroma screen) environment. You can read about the process here on Jason’s own website.
Recently I read a quote from Jason about “Transmedia Storytelling”.… Visit the author's original post

Virtually Anywhere

Most teachers in Ireland have been there! We all know the scenario! A typical miserable, wet winter’s Friday afternoon and the pupils haven’t been to the yard at lunch time. The classroom is gloomy, the pupils are restless and the going home bell is still a good two hours away!
An ideal opportunity to take the pupils out of the classroom and into a place of excitement and learning without ever having to open the classroom door. Virtual tours are popping up all over the Web; most reputable museums have virtual tours and so do some research trips that are exploring far flung parts of the globe.… Visit the author's original post