Abdulkabeer Ishola

Abdulkabeer Ishola

Abdulkabeer is the co-founder of a start-up called Digisphere Nigeria, where he promotes digital literacy using cutting-edge technologies: “I'm a curious fellow who focuses on the present to brighten the future by adding values to people around me. As a legacy builder, I do not believe in the excuse of a digital divide undermining Africa's IT development. Hence, I do my best to improve situations with improvised technologies for personalized learning. I'm currently working with students having special needs to overcome learning impairment using technology tools. I'm looking forward to developing a new breed of young Nigerians under my Digital Teens project with focus on more female participation in ICT. The goal of the project is to foster a young cadre of Nigerians who will grow up to become lifelong learners and contribute to the development of Nigeria and Africa at large."

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A Guide To MIEExpert15 TweetMeet Session

The MIEExpert15 TweetMeet is a monthly series of live Q&A session that takes place on Twitter in real-time. It is an interactive chat in which MIEExpert15 and other Educators around the world engage the guest  with questions on an area of expertise for collaborative learning. The objective is to share experience with teachers on how they explore technology in education.
At first, you'd need to have a Twitter account to participate. Then familiarizing oneself with the Tweetsphere will help a long way.… Visit the author's original post

A report on Tweet Meet with @LekalakalaMabor

The Tweet Meet is a monthly series of interactive chat that holds on twitter between Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and other educators around the globe.  The objective is to share experience with teachers on how they explore technology in education while getting to know more about what they’re doing.

The first session was held on Tuesday 30thDecember 2014 with our guest: Lekalakala Mabore “@lekalakalamabor” from Toronto primary school Limpopo, South Africa. Other MIEExpert15 members connected to the chat by joining the hashtag “MIEE15Cx”.… Visit the author's original post

#TweetSense101: Unleashing The Potentials Of Sway

This post is actually the collection of tweets from a twitter sensitization on the use of Microsoft Office Sway. Enjoy the tweets as the come in bits...

#Sway is a new #Microsoft office app that helps flourish ideas to make in a grand style. #msftedu #MIEExpert15

The app helps in keeping one productive, taking action anytime; anywhere the inspiration comes. #msftedu #MIEExpert15

#Sway is easily accessible and compatible with 21st century technologies; in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. #msftedu #MIEExpert15

#Sway let's you create and share a polished, interactive and web based canvas of ideas.… Visit the author's original post