Jodi Gordon-Moulds

Jodi Gordon-Moulds

Jodi is the Director of Digital Learning Technologies at Seymour College, Adelaide, South Australia. “I am inspired and driven to provide amazing STEM opportunities for girls of all ages. There is nothing more rewarding than the excitement on a student’s face when they achieve something unbelievable through technology, like an animated program or a print of their own 3D design. I also believe that teachers need incredible Professional Learning opportunities to apply 21st Century Learning Design with technology in their classrooms. I try to provide these opportunities.”

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Surface Pro 3 + Pen + OneNote: improving student learning

A Surface Pro can replace your notebook… textbook, pencil case and bookshelf.

In the previous blog, I discussed why my school selected the Surface Pro 3 as the device of choice for our one-to-one student program in 2015. I outlined some of the aesthetic and practical benefits of the Surface Pro 3 for education- such as Mobility, Flexibility, Function, and Form. In this article, I will begin to explore some of the “value adds” for student learning that place the Surface Pro ‘ahead of the game’ for education, students, and learning.… Visit the author's original post

Surface Pro 3, the device of choice for our students in 2015

Surface Pro 3A Surface Pro can replace your Mac… and your iPad, Wacom tablet and Laptop.

It is probably an understatement to say that “education” generally struggles to keep pace with the demands of technological change. The ongoing costs of technology ‘upkeep’ and support, consistent research and development activities, and not to ignore the huge investment in professional development and training for teachers and support staff to ensure the investment continues to pay ‘dividends’ in educational terms. It is no surprise that many schools (particularly in the US), are opting out of the technology programs – the primary reasons cited are: difficulties managing student cyber safety and behaviour, lack of perceived educational ‘value-adding’, but mainly the issue of ongoing and enormous cost.… Visit the author's original post

21C Learning Design, ICTs and Wellbeing – a national imperative

After a thought provoking conversation with a colleague today, I paused to reflect upon the importance of 21C learning design (21CLD), integrated ICTs (or integrated learning technologies, ILTs) and student wellbeing – and the role of each within our curriculum. Whilst it is relatively easy to find evidence for the importance of each element when viewed independently from the other elements, there is less research or evidence for the strong interdependence of these. That is, 21CLD + ICTs and Wellbeing.

However, it is significant (and no accident) that these three elements are foundation stones for the Australian Curriculum.… Visit the author's original post