Food Festival (Group activity) PBL

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
Benjamin Franklin

 Why I have selected this activity?

Girls were busy to manage their products 
Keeping in view the course contents and for the better learning of students to relate multiple factors including investment and profit loss for enhancing the interest.

The following are the main objectives of the activity:

  • To collaborate learners with their fellows while working out of the class rooms within the resources.
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Fareeha Ghezwan

Islamabad, Pakistan

I am Fareeha Ghezwan from Pakistan, and did my post-graduation in Agriculture with Soil Sciences major, Conducted research for the purpose of identifying, abating, or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or the health of the population. Using knowledge of various scientific disciplines, collect, synthesize, study, report, and recommend action based on data derived from measurements or observations of , soil, water, and other sources.

Being an Agriculturist and scientist I always eager to explore new world and wanted to work very close to the nature.… Visit the author's original post

Use of kitchen waste for biogas production


Project was initiated by the ICT section to integrate students' activity with one of the most burning issue of the developing countries i. e. use of Supplementary fuel source rather than the conventional source. This could be cheap and available as well as environment friendly.

Steps  involve
  •        Collection of kitchen waste.
  •       Sorting of waste material suitable for production of bio gas.
  •      Grinding and Pouring of the material in containers.
  • Collection of gas into rubber tube.
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