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Immersive Engagement in Minecraft: Education Edition

Guest post by Simon Baddeley: Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

For fifteen years, I have taught English in some of the most economically deprived schools and worked with some of the most disaffected learners that main stream education has to offer. Learners that face significant social, emotional, behavioural and developmental barriers to learning, with low self-esteem and even lower aspirations for their future. My absolute driving educational principle is that education is the key to unlock a world of opportunities beyond the cycle of social and economic deprivation that some of my learners are currently trapped within.… Visit the author's original post

Touch Develop and the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Guest post by Trent Ray, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador and Expert Educator

Learning to code with Touch Develop is a great way to introduce students to skills in the Digital Technologies Curriculum, including computational thinking and computer programming. Accessing the Touch Develop Web App makes it easy for students to create touch apps and games in minutes and gives them the opportunity to learn these valuable industry skills. It also allows teachers who are designing the learning to share App links, capture thinking and monitor student progress.… Visit the author's original post

Junior Years – Building Skills and Habits for Success

Guest Post by Matthew Jorgensen, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador Queensland


Technology is often hard to implement in Primary Years. The touch screen, drag and drop device wave has catered for technology integration in our young students, but they need to be able to use a more productive ecosystem of hardware, operating systems and apps as their work gets more sophisticated. There is evidence that a reliance on easy-to-use touch screen devices, as opposed to those with keyboards, can be detrimental to a child’s development.… Visit the author's original post

Next level Learning Perth: The Best of Microsoft in the Classroom


20160322_110922 (002)Microsoft’s Next Level Learning series of education events culminated in Perth on Tuesday 22nd March.  Hosted by The Hale School, NLL Perth showcased the very best Microsoft in Education tools and strategies to promote innovative anywhere, anytime learning.

After a thought-provoking keynote presentation from Aidan McCarthy, Director of Worldwide Teaching and Learning Team, teachers took their place in the Platform for Learning sessions.  All teachers were provided with a touch-screen Surface tablet and stylus, enabling them to interact with the ultimate teaching and learning device. … Visit the author's original post

FREE professional learning workshops coming to a city near you!

Be inspired by new ways of learning with the latest technologies and leave confident to try something new at your school!

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NSW Primary school uses Onenote, Mix and Sway to spur collaborative learning!

Year 5 students from Barnier Public School exceed industry test benchmarks after using new forms of teacher–teacher, teacher–student, and student–student collaboration – and a mix of old and new apps. Find out more!

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10 Ways to Win with Windows 10 in the Classroom

Here are some simple tips and tricks on how the new features in Windows 10 save time for teachers and make learning more fun for students.

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Office Lens – A scanner and image corrector for your phone

Guest post by Matthew O'Brien, secondary school educator at Brisbane Boys' College I think I may have been living under a rock, but at the E 2 conference in Seattle in May I saw the Office Lens app demonstrated by one of the presenters. Simply, this...(read more)Visit the author's original post