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Eltham High rethinks teaching and learning with Surface Pro and cloud – 21st Century skills

Technology has taken learning from slate to paper to screen; from pencil to pen to stylus. Consequently, each generation of students should emerge with the skills and smarts to participate fully in the workforce of the day.

Victoria’s Eltham High School is keenly aware of the need to equip today’s students with 21st century skills, and understands that digital technologies and the cloud provide the platform that allows students to connect, collaborate and create both within and out of the classroom.… Visit the author's original post

Sharing Feedback Using OneNote

This is a guest post from our MIE Expert Andrew Webster. Andrew is a Secondary School teacher and e-Learning Facilitator based in Brisbane, Australia. View his website here.

We know from evidence that feedback has a major impact on learning. The use of OneNote, a class Notebook and digital inking means teachers have a range of feedback options at their disposal. This blog will go through all these options, from the basic to the advanced. ​
1. Student completes draft in OneNote page - use typed comments or digital inking

Supporting Australia’s new digital technologies curriculum with Unity Courseware

The world we live in today is digital first. Ubiquitous digital systems such as mobile and desktop devices and networks are transforming industries – from work, to education, to recreational activities. Digital systems are supporting new ways of collaborating and communicating, and these technologies are an essential problem-solving toolset in our knowledge-based society. This means that it is critical for teachers and students to possess deep knowledge and understanding of digital systems, in order to fully utilize the various components and benefits of information systems.… Visit the author's original post