Dženita Arbak Demir

Dženita Arbak Demir

I am Dženita and I come from the heart-shaped land Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I teach at Behaudin Selmanović Primary School. I have been a primary school teacher for 15 years. The world has changed. Growing up, learning, knowledge and education are no longer the same. So we have to change to. How can we expect our students to change, to be responsible, to seek for knowledge if we are not willing to change too? I have read somewhere that men who are not willing to change are not men, but monuments. So, every day I am trying to collaborate, to grow, to learn, to teach, to share with my students, colleagues and family in order not to be monuments, but the monumental changes.

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Story of finding oneself- hello world!


I have always known that teaching is something I wanted to do. Even at this moment when I am writing this words “to do” I do not like them. Teaching is so much more than profession, so much more than doing your job…

For four years I was growing up and getting my education at the war times, totally closed and cut out from the rest of the world. I was happy to have some books, note book and pencil. I think that was something that defined me.… Visit the author's original post