Check out this Sway! ” Our journey through The Enchanted Kingdom”

After a term looking at Africa, Year 5 soon became the experts of the school. To share our knowledge and expertise, group chose, planned, resourced and delivered workshops to the rest of the school focusing on areas such as cooking, geography of Africa, art, drama/ storytelling, learning Swahili and dancing. Teachers were then asked to book time slots over two days for their class to attend and evaluate the sessions.

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PowerPoint Online through O365

Over the past week, the children of Year 5 have been using O365 to present research they collated through the recent survey on perceptions of Africa.

In particular, they have focused on using PowerPoint online which, at first, I though was no different to the programme you find on your desktop. However it did not take long for the children of Einstein Class to discover the unique functions and how it could help them to complete their work more efficiently.… Visit the author's original post

Enchanted Kingdom/ Africa Immersion – Making a dent in the universe with Microsoft

Having already spent a term studying Africa, Year 5 became the experts leading workshops around the school and educating the children of Simon de Senlis on areas including: African Art, dance, cooking, Story Whooshing (drama), Geography of Africa and Learning Swahili.

Through immersion for Enchanted Kingdom, Year 5 were exposed to different viewpoints, perceptions and stereotypes associated with this area of the world. As part of this, a survey was sent around to the school on OneNote for children to complete in classes.… Visit the author's original post

Bing Translator in the classroom


What Microsoft say…

The Translator App by Microsoft is your companion when you need to quickly translate what you are looking at. Use your camera, say phrase or just type the text you want to translate. Text and camera translation work offline with downloadable language packs, so you can get the power of Translator on-the-go, even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

  • Text translation – Type and translate text into more than 45 languages
  • Camera translation – Translate signs, menus, newspapers, or any printed text with your device’s camera in an instant
  • Voice translation -Translate by just speaking the phrase.
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Teacher-TA communication on OneNote – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

Recently in Year 5, we have decided to use OneNote to plan units for Literacy and Topic. This in itself solves many day to day problems which you can read more about at

Not only does it make the sharing and editing of planning  between teachers easier but we have found that this has also impacted on other members of the team including TA’s. Planning has always regularly been emailed to members of the team on a Sunday night for them to read through before the week.… Visit the author's original post

Homework on the OneNote – A Pupil’s view (Isaiah, Kieran and Lucy)

O365 has helped us to collaborate with other pupils around the class and has played a big part in our school  work. In particular, it has made a distinctive difference to us doing homework, and lets us do things that we could not do in our green homework books such as checking our spelling, working as a group, selecting fancy fonts, and up levelling our ideas. It also helps us to keep some work private that only the teachers and individual pupils can see.… Visit the author's original post

Homework on the OneNote – A teacher’s view (Charlotte Coade – Y5 teacher)

Since introducing O365 in Year 5, we have begun to use it as a way to complete homework and make links between school-home learning. We have found that it provides an opportunity for children to consolidate what they have explored during the school day and extend their knowledge further.

From a teacher’s perspective, setting and monitoring homework was a task in its self. The expectation for key skills at Simon de Senlis is that weekly Literacy and Numeracy work is set and collected in the following week.… Visit the author's original post

Year 5 Planning on OneNote – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

The last week at Simon de Senlis has been very busy for all staff and prior commitments have meant that it has been difficult to squeeze in a Year 5 planning meeting. The recent decision to plan on OneNote, has meant that I could collaborate with my partner teacher and share ideas for the Literacy unit the following week. We each assigned ourselves a colour and contributed to the working document as and when we could (which would be changed to black as soon as we had read/ discussed/ agreed on the content.)

This has been a particularly useful tool for us and avoids us having multiple versions of a planning document every time it is updated and sent across.… Visit the author's original post

Wonderful OneNote – by Emily-Jane

You may not know but I have recently injured my hand. One note has been really useful way for me to keep all my lesson documents together. Office 365 allows me to message my teachers and keep track of my school work.
I enjoy being able to access my work from home and edit my mistakes. One of the best features is that only I can access my work. I think if everyone could correctly use Microsoft software, schools could improve teacher-pupil communication and I.C.T skills.… Visit the author's original post

Photography with the Windows 8 surface tablets

This afternoon Year 5 visited the pod which has been transformed into a beach for our When A Knight Won his Spur (Part 2) unit.  The Windows 8 devices were used to capture different angles and crop the images to focus on particular details. Once we had returned to the classroom, we uploaded our photographs onto the Einstein OneNote. Over the next couple of weeks we will be watercolouring parts of these images to produce our final art outcome for the Simon de Senlis art gallery.… Visit the author's original post

Yammer within NPAT – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

  • Name: NPAT (Northampton Primary Academy Trust)
  • Schools: Abington Vale, Headlands, Ecton Brook, Lings,  Weston Favell and Simon de Senlis
  • Fact and Figures: Est. 2012, approx 2400 children on roll, 120 teaching staff.
  • Vision – NPAT is driven by a vision of innovation, high aspiration and achievement, and a commitment to sport and the arts. This approach is encapsulated in the motto: ‘Extraordinary Children Doing Extraordinary Things.’  The Partnership is built on the principle of synergy; that a collaboration of vibrant and successful schools ensures that we can achieve collectively what a single school couldn’t achieve alone.
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Virtual Sentence Strolling – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

At Simon de Senlis, we have been using drama to develop the sentences within our writing. For this we have introduced ‘Sentence Strolling’ across the school which allows children to analyse their sentences and build in opportunities for in depth discussions.

At first we modelled this process as a whole class allowing children to take the lead, whilst at the same time, guiding them through higher order teacher questions. Children were offered the chance to discuss things they noticed about the sentence and justify their reasoning with detailed explanations. … Visit the author's original post

Addition word problems in the 21st century – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

Recently in Year 5, we have been looking at ways to consolidate written methods for the four operations. At times, it can become a challenge to think of new and exciting ways to present opportunities for the children to apply and rehearse their skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Enter QR codes! For those of you who haven’t come across them, these are digital images which, when scanned with a Windows 8 devices, will display a piece of text, a link or an image.… Visit the author's original post

Using OneNote in the curriculum – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

As part of the immersion stage for our latest topic, The Vikings, Year 5 invited Kevin from History Squad to Simon de Senlis as an opportunity to stimulate the children’s interest for the unit ahead. It was a day filled with activities designed to engage the children and encourage discussion, as well as a chance to learn from an expert. Whilst it was a fantastic day, the value and richness of the content could have quite easily been forgotten had it not been for the opportunity to capture it through the Windows 8 Surfaces and OneNote.Visit the author's original post