Awesome App for Assessment and Marking


Being on summer holidays and travelling has made me even more aware of my need to work smarter and more efficiently, mainly so I can spend more time travelling and less time thinking about work. Travelling in countries that don’t speak English can make things quite difficult. Two Windows Phone apps that have been a real luxury have been the Microsoft Translator app, and Here Maps. Relying so heavily on these apps gave me the motivation to explore the Windows Store to look for apps that may be just as awesome in the classroom.… Visit the author's original post

Visual Note-taking

Surface Handwriting

There are many reasons why I think the Surface Pro 3 is the best device for student use, but among my top reasons is the ability to use visual note-taking.

I introduced visual note-taking to my year 6 class with the below video. They loved the idea of writing and also being able to draw pictures. At the end of the activity students commented on how much better they were able to understand the topic as well as how much fun they had using visual note-taking techniques.… Visit the author's original post

Incorporating 21st Century Learning Skills

21cl infographic

Classrooms are rapidly changing as is the skillset that students require to successfully enter the workforce. 21st Century Learning refers to certain skills or competencies that enable our students to meet the growing, demanding needs of the 21st century workplace. If you’re using Windows 8 I would highly recommend having a look at the 21st Century Learning Design app by Teacher Collections. It was based on rubrics that were developed and tested in one of the largest international studies of 21st Century Skills.Visit the author's original post