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Deconstructing Programming with OneNote

Some colleagues find it odd but I am happy to admit I am a fan of programming! It gives me purpose and direction. When I pull together a learning intention, performance task and success criteria, then plot a rich and authentic learning sequence, I feel ready to ‘teach’.

I proudly upload my finished program to our school portal for all to see…and sadly there it sits until I return 10 weeks later to add a few sentences reflecting on how it all went!… Visit the author's original post

Sway into Resources

As we prepare for the ANZAC Centenary this year, I have been looking at ways to engage my young students (Stage 1) in a discussion on our war history. I have found some great resources that highlight the contribution of animals in wartime which I know the students will love! These resources will be used to spark conversations, encourage thinking and foster questioning about the role and value of animals during wartime. Colleagues may also find these resources useful in their classroom, so I am making the resources easily accessible to a wider audience by creating a Sway!… Visit the author's original post

Office Mix

Stepping into the Microsoft Innovative Educator Program has been nothing short of mind blowing. My senses are in overload and I don’t know which technology to dive into next. These wonderful new apps, programs and tools are all calling to me for one reason or another. I feel like Augustus Gloop in Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and am afraid I may end up falling into the delicious flowing river and drowning if I don’t step back.

So I am taking the advice I offer colleagues when they are feeling overawed by the many exciting technologies that they are wanting to try all at once – look to your pedagogy.… Visit the author's original post